Dickinson Trailer: Can Emily and Sue Find Lasting Bliss in the Final Season?

The good news: Dickinson‘s Emily has found the love of her life. The bad news: She won’t have much longer to enjoy it.

Apple TV+ has released a trailer for the upcoming third and final season of the period comedy — debuting Friday, Nov. 5 on the streamer — and though Emily and her beloved Sue are happily together now, everything else around them is going to hell. The nation is in the throes of the Civil War, with people dying left and right, and as Emily and her family and friends attend a funeral, she voices her wish to heal the rampant suffering with her poetry. Her friends scoff, though: “Words don’t matter right now.” Plus, she has to deal with her angry brother Austin, who knows that his wife Sue prefers Emily and his “marriage is a lie.”

She gets inspiration, though, from the ghost she first encountered last season, and also from fellow poet Walt Whitman, played here by Billy Eichner: “To be a great poet, you have to feel everything.” Plus, her sister Lavinia assures her that she’ll be famous one day, with a woman in the future dubbing Emily Dickinson “the original sad girl.” That’s a compliment, right?

Press PLAY above for a sneak peek at Dickinson‘s final season, and then drop your first impressions in a comment below. 

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