Outlander Season 6 Teaser Trailer Hints at [Spoiler]'s Moment of Crisis

We are officially verra worried for a certain member of the Outlander family.

Spoiler Alert: If you don’t wish to know about a plot point from Diana Gabaldon’s A Breath of Snow and Ashes that seems like it will show up in Season 6 of the Starz series, just press PLAY on the video above and all will be well. But if you want to hear what we think about the new teaser trailer, read on.

OK, then. Outlander released the first teaser from the upcoming season Saturday in conjunction with its New York Comic Con panel. In it, we see the residents of Fraser’s Ridge going about their lives. Claire and Jamie get cozy in bed (naturally). Marsali has a baby in her arms (also naturally). Bree and Roger share a fond glance, and Young Ian and Malva Christie (played by newcomer Jessica Reynolds) size each other up in a field.

But the American Revolution is brewing. “It’s starting,” Claire says, looking worried. “A storm. The war.”

And that is worrisome and all, but we’re more concerned with the brief shot of a man’s limp and lifeless arm, attached to a body that’s being carried back to the big house. Might this arm belong to César Domboy’s Fergus, who attempts to take his own life in the novel on which this season is based?

Those who’ve read the book will remember that Fergus is devastated after his and Marsali’s son, Henri-Christian, is born a dwarf. His despair about that — as well as about feeling unable to be a productive member of the farming community, thanks to his missing hand — leads him to attempt suicide on the ridge. Only Jamie’s interference stops the young man from dying.

So we’re looking forward to the show’s return in early 2022, we’re wishing we could give Fergus a hug and we’re hoping you’ll press PLAY on the video at the top of the post and then let us know what you think about what’s to come!

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