Grey's Recap: Back in Business — Plus, Mer Reveals Whether She's Accepting David's Offer and Leaving Seattle

greys anatomy recap season 18 episode 2 some kind of tomorrow

“It feels like the old days,” Bailey told Richard in Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy. And by gauze, it did. As we relished the zippy post-COVID-era “Some Kind of Tomorrow,” Webber challenged the residents to “the toughest surgical workout ever,” Meredith sought Amelia’s input on David’s life-changing offer, and Nick… Well, Scott Speedman fantastically Scott Speedman’d every scene he was in, throwing so many sparks, the set probably had to be cleared of hairspray lest it present a fire hazard. And if you read on, we’ll go over all of the episode’s highlights…

‘THAT’S A VERY OLD-FASHIONED WAY TO ASK A GIRL FOR A DATE’ | As “Some Kind of Tomorrow” began, Nick stuck a note under Mer’s hotel-room door… and was caught. Not that it mattered; she still happily agreed to have dinner with him that evening at 7. In Seattle, Link and Jo kinda coparented, while Maggie missed Winston, who was working so much that he slept at work. Nearby, Sara reported to her fellow residents that mom Alma had transferred to work more closely with Team Jackson. And Richard had big plans for the lot of them. From there, we cut back to Minnesota, where Amelia had arrived to behold the lab that was being offered to Mer. “Oh, you are definitely not coming back to Seattle,” Amelia laughed. But the millions weren’t just being offered to Mer now, they were also being offered to Amelia, because her sister-in-law was inviting her to be a part of it all. Yikes.

greys-anatomy-recap-season-18-episode-2-some-kind-of-tomorrowAt Grey Sloan, Teddy protectively hovered over Leo, who’d decided to dress as Elsa from Frozen for the day. Sara teamed up with Winston to treat Reshida, who had diabetes and kidney failure. She’d be starting dialysis, her attending reported. When she reported that she wasn’t even able to get on a transplant list, Winston wanted to jump into action. But Reshida was sure that she wasn’t long for this world. With his pupils, Richard announced that they would be going through a rigorous series of surgical simulations and evaluations. “The resident with the highest score,” he added, “flies solo in the ER” that day with an operations on par with their skills. Well, OK, then — game on! Round 1 went to Levi. The next round that we saw went to Mabel. And just like that, Richard announced that Levi had won the competition. He’d get to scrub in on Jo’s ex lap on a foreign body extraction (on a woman who already had a strawberry removed from her, ahem, you know). While that was going on, Dr. Wong reported to Bailey that he was retiring whether she liked it or not to write mystery novels.

greys-anatomy-recap-season-18-episode-2-some-kind-of-tomorrow‘ANYBODY WHO NEEDS LIFE-SAVING CARE SHOULD GET IT’ | Bumping into a nephrologist who served as a wall between Reshida and qualification for inclusion on the transplant list — because she adhered to incorrect clinical assumptions that ignored the differences between Black people and white people — Winston appealed to Bailey, then took action himself. He re-approached the nephrologist, who stood by the EGFR but said she’d look into his assertions. Of course, there wasn’t time for that. It was suddenly do-or-die time for Reshida, and Winston wasn’t about to let her die. So he broke protocol, crossing his fingers that he could get a transplant for her before it was later than too late.

greys-anatomy-recap-season-18-episode-2-some-kind-of-tomorrowTreating an injured boy, Megan charmed Cormac. In the next examining room, the boy’s dad was doing exceptionally poorly; he’d passed out at the wheel and was having trouble breathing. Before you knew it, he was coughing up blood, and Owen was calling his bride for a consult. While she pondered whether they should stop letting Leo dress up, she and Owen discovered that the patient’s lungs looked like a war zone. He had pulmonary fibrosis, he reported. And he didn’t want treatment, he just wanted to spend whatever time he had left with his son. “Look at you breaking rules and saving lives,” Megan quipped to the newlyweds. “Aren’t you glad I got you to tie the knot?” Despite Owen’s determination to save the terminal patient, Cormac let him go home.

In Minnesota, Amelia checked out David, who wasn’t interested in a Band-Aid for his Parkinson’s, only something that would make him whole again. Soon, if I wasn’t mistaken, sparks flew between Amelia and David’s brilliant colleague, Dr. Bartley; for Amelia, there was no decision to be made — Mer had to say yes and cure Parkinson’s. Though Mer balked at Amelia’s enthusiasm, Scout’s mom stood her ground. “You’re being ridiculous because you haven’t accepted the offer yet,” Amelia said. Hell, this was Mer’s chance to get back into neuro. Why would she walk away from this? Amelia asked… as Nick stood by looking adorable. Back in Seattle, Levi successfully performed his extraction in front of a gallery full of his peers… then hit a snag, requiring his colleagues to talk him through the end of the operation over the intercom.

greys-anatomy-recap-season-18-episode-2-some-kind-of-tomorrow‘YOU’RE NOT JUST SAVING MY LIFE, YOU’RE CHANGING IT’ | Finally, as the hour drew to a close, Meredith showed up for her date with Nick, who admitted that she might want to change into something less fancy. Why was that? He was taking her on a picnic in the woods. “This is why I pulled back on my hours,” he explained. He was missing everything — including staring up at the stars. She didn’t do that much, she admitted. “We’re gonna have so much fun,” he replied. By and by, she shared that she was scared to say yes to David and to then fail. “I have a very comfortable situation in Seattle,” by contrast. “You’re not a safety person,” Nick suggested. “You’re gonna risk it all and win or lose, it’s gonna be a hell of a ride.” Back at Grey Sloan, Winston reported to Reshida that she was on the transplant list. “I honestly never thought I’d see this day,” she said. “I can go back to who I was.”

greys-anatomy-recap-season-18-episode-2-some-kind-of-tomorrowAlone with Richard, Bailey fretted that every day she was losing doctors. They needed for everyone to feel once again like they were all in it together. “You want people to remember the why,” he said. Luckily, he had some ideas — big ones. Finally, Link sang Scout the saddest-ever lullaby about his failed proposal. “You’re gonna be OK,” Jo assured him. Back at Grey Sloan, Teddy worried some more over Leo and people being cruel to him. They will be, Owen admitted, but they themselves wouldn’t be. “So let’s just let him be happy.” And in the last seconds of the episode, Mer made a few demands of David, including that they move the whole project to Grey Sloan. When that notion was shot down, she offered an alternative: “I could set up a satellite lab in Seattle” and come back and forth once a week. “Done,” he replied. “Does this mean you’re in?” Indeed, it did.

So, what did you think of “Some Kind of Tomorrow”? The comments section is now open for your two cents (or even a nickel, if you’re feeling generous). While you’re here, get your first look at Kate Walsh’s return as Addison.

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