Emily VanCamp Did Not Watch Her Final Resident Farewell — Here's Why

Emily VanCamp was not among the Resident fans watching Tuesday’s emotional episode, which served as VanCamp’s official send-off from the Fox medical drama after four seasons.

“I haven’t watched it yet, to be totally honest,” VanCamp told reporters during a conference call on Wednesday. “In terms of the content, I’m not sure I’m totally prepared to see it. I know what happens, of course. We had many conversations about the story. I think for both me and [husband] Josh [Bowman], we might wait a little bit longer.”

During the heart-rending hour, VanCamp’s Nic Nevin succumbed to head trauma she had suffered during a car accident while en route home from a spa retreat. After she passed away, several of Nic’s organs were donated, and she made a trachea transplant possible for a patient struggling with long-term COVID effects.

“Everyone did such a tremendous job. It’s quite emotional and heavy,” VanCamp continued. “When I have a quiet moment, we’ll sit down and watch it and take a moment to grieve, for sure.”

In an interview with our sister site Deadline that published after Tuesday’s episode, VanCamp confirmed that her recent pregnancy with first child Iris was a major contributing factor in her decision to leave The Resident, on which she’d starred since its 2018 debut.

“I spent so many years on network television, but then suddenly priorities shifted,” the actress told Deadline. “I think there comes a moment in every woman’s life — in every person’s life — where it becomes less about work and more about family, and that’s what happened while I was making the show. Doing that many episodes in a different city and then you add COVID to that, most of us couldn’t see our families for almost a year. It really solidified for me that family is where my heart is at the moment.”

TVLine also spoke with Resident star Matt Czuchry and co-showrunner Peter Elkoff about Nic’s tragic fate in Episode 3; read their thoughts here.

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