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The Morning Show Romantic Shocker: Reese Witherspoon Breaks Down Bradley's Episode 3 Kiss With [Spoiler]

Warning: This post and video contain spoilers from Episode 3 of The Morning Show.

Bradley Jackson, will you ever run out of surprises?

This week’s The Morning Show introduces Laura Peterson (played by The Good Wife‘s Julianna Margulies), the veteran reporter who’s to interview both Bradley and Alex for a UBA special heralding Alex’s return. Former rivals Alex and Laura don’t exactly get along well, which is evidenced by Laura’s ambushing Alex with an excerpt from Maggie Brenner’s book and asking the question, “What was the nature of your relationship with Mitch Kessler?” during their sit-down. (Her answer, for the record? An anguished silence, then, “He was my best friend.”)

But when Laura shadows Bradley as she works the presidential campaign trail, the women develop a friendly rapport. What we know and Bradley doesn’t, at least not at first: Cory asked Laura to “gently offer a bit of guidance” to Bradley, career-wise. So she does, flat-out saying that The Morning Show isn’t using Bradley in the right way and that Ms. Jackson is destined for fame much bigger than some daytime chatfest. Later, when Bradley’s defenses are clearly down, Laura asks her, “Just between us… Did you actually get vetted for this job?” And that’s when Bradley leans across the backseat of the car in which they’re riding and kisses Laura on the mouth. Laura kisses her back.

“Laura Peterson, is so incredibly appealing, she’s so in her power and in her space, and I think there’s something about Bradley that just is so attracted to that,” series star Reese Witherspoon tells TVLine in the video above, in which she and Margulies go deep on the surprising smooch: Is this a romantic entanglement with staying power?

Press PLAY on the video above to hear the actresses discuss the “question marks” that might arise as Season 2 continues, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the episode (and the kiss!).