The Resident Sneak Peek Reveals Devon's Fate After Premiere Cliffhanger — Plus, Billie Gets a Surprise Visitor

Paging all fans of The Resident: We’ve got an exclusive sneak peek at tonight’s episode (Fox, 8/7c), and it’s a three-for-one deal.

Not only does the video above introduce newcomer Miles Fowler as Billie’s estranged son, who unexpectedly crosses paths with Billie at Chastain, but it also reveals what happened to Devon after he got trapped in a janitor’s closet with a gas leak during the Season 5 premiere.

Fortunately, Devon is still with us when the episode begins, after poor Leela finds him unconscious in a hospital elevator. But even with Devon’s closest colleagues treating him, the doc begins to exhibit more worrying symptoms.

Plus, there’s also time in our exclusive clip for Conrad and baby Gigi to have the perfect drop-off at Chastain’s nursery. Does it help take our minds off the inevitably tragic fate awaiting Nic? Nope! But it’s adorable nonetheless.


Elsewhere in the episode, titled “No Good Deed,” Bell helps Kit make a decision about a new neurosurgeon joining the Chastain team. Press PLAY above to watch our full sneak peek, then drop a comment with your thoughts!

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