Bob Hearts Abishola Recap: Wedding in Lagos — Plus, an End to the Dele Drama

Bob Hearts Abishola Wedding 3x02

Monday’s Bob Hearts Abishola saw two families become one, as the eponymous couple tied the knot in a traditional Nigerian ceremony. But before the wedding could take place, Bob and Abishola had to adhere to a number of traditions native to Abishola’s homeland.

The episode began with an introduction ceremony, which saw family matriarch Dottie formally introduce the Wheelers to Abishola’s relatives — and she managed to do it without speaking out of turn. Next, Uncle Tunde accompanied Bob to meet with Abishola’s father Obafemi. After Bob stated his case as Abishola’s suitor, he was presented with a bride price — an amount of money or property which is paid by a groom and his family to the family of the bride — an “antiquated and sexist tradition,” as far as Abishola was concerned, but still an important one. And so Bob, Douglas and Tunde visited the local market to retrieve all the items on her father’s list, where Tunde stressed the importance of picking out the right yams. (“They represent how you will provide for your wife,” he explained. “A skinny yam means a starving wife… This is about showing Abishola’s father what kind of man you are — a man who takes his time to find the best of the best.”)

Abishola, meanwhile, went dress shopping with Dottie, Ebunoluwa, Auntie Olu and Christina. During the outing, Ebunoluwa picked a fight with Auntie Olu, determined to prove that she was the more important elder in Abishola’s life. It was a war of words that ended only after Olu decided to be the bigger person. “She can have you today,” she told her niece on the day of her wedding. “I get you all the others.”

Bob Hearts Abishola Wedding 3x02What followed was a vibrant, colorful reception that culminated in a first dance between husband and wife. And while a traditional Nigerian ceremony doesn’t include vows, Abishola and Bob took a moment to exchange promises to one another.

“Sometimes, we do not know what we need in our lives until it is there,” Abishola began. “I did not know I needed laughter. I did not know I needed your kindness and love. I promise to pray for you and love you always.”

Added Bob: “From the moment I met you, you have been pushing me to be a better version of myself. You took care of my heart, and I promise you I will take care of yours. I will spend every day making sure you are safe, happy and loved.”


Bob Hearts Abishola Wedding 3x02The episode also provided clarity on what’s going on with Dele. Abishola’s son would spend six months out of the year in Lagos with his father Tayo, presumably while he’s in school, and six months in Detroit with his mother and new stepfather Bob. Abishola assured her son that he could always come home, regardless of the arrangement… so long as he’s not doing drugs. Or failing tests.

Did you enjoy Bob and Abishola’s wedding? And what do you think of the new Dele custody arrangement? Grade the episode, then drop your thoughts in a comment below.

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