Family Guy PSA Teaches Peter How the COVID-19 Vaccine Works — Watch

Three of Family Guy‘s most beloved characters (plus Dr. Hartman) are coming together to highlight the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine.

A new PSA released on Tuesday finds Brian and Stewie traveling inside Peter’s body to explain how the vaccine works to combat the virus, as well as to alleviate any of his preexisting concerns. Also, shocker: the virus looks a lot like a certain member of the Griffin family. Let’s say her name rhymes with Shmeg.

The three-minute short — a joint production of Fuzzy Door, 20th Television Animation, FOX Entertainment and the Ad Council’s “It’s Up To You” COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative — was penned by the show’s writers in collaboration with series creator Seth MacFarlane, who voices all four characters, and a team of scientific experts and epidemiologists.

“With millions of Americans still unsure about getting vaccinated against COVID-19, it’s more important than ever that we have smart, informative and entertaining messages like this that will boost confidence in the vaccines,” Lisa Sherman, president and CEO of the Ad Council, said in a statement. “This new work from Seth MacFarlane and the team at Family Guy is bringing critical vaccine information to audiences in a fresh and hilarious way that will surely inspire people to take the next step in slowing the pandemic. We are grateful to our partners at Disney and Fox for their passion and collaboration at this pivotal moment in time.”

“We were proud to work with some of the nation’s leading immunologists and epidemiologists on this PSA. And while we never understood a single note they gave us, we took them all,” added Family Guy executive producers and showrunners Rich Appel and Alec Sulkin.

If this feels at all familiar, that’s probably because Family Guy already released a pro-vaccination short in April, which employed one of the show’s most popular bits of all time. (Click here to watch.)

Family Guy returns to Fox for Season 20 on Sunday, Sept. 26 (9:30/8:30c). Hit PLAY on the video above to watch the vaccine PSA, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.