Generation Cancellation: EP Reveals What Would've Happened in Season 2

Generation Cancelled Finale Questions Answered

Generation fans: You’ve got questions, co-creator Zelda Barnz has answers.

HBO Max cancelled the teen dramedy series Tuesday after one season, leaving viewers with loads of uncertainty and piles of loose threads.

In an essay written for, Barnz took the time to address some of the July finale’s most pressing cliffhangers, including this biggie: Who was Chester supposed to see on the rooftop in the season’s final seconds? (If you recall, a heartbroken Chester dangerously traversed a high-rise’s rooftop when he suddenly turned, smiled and said, “It’s you!”)

Though Barnz admitted she didn’t “have any certainty on the matter,” she did reference some of the most popular theories surrounding the mysterious “you” in question. “Some people thought it should be Sam, because of the phone call, and because Sam has received a photo of this location before (via email, in the pilot),” she wrote, adding that Chester’s portrayer, Justice Smith, “Once said it could be Chester’s missing father.”

But her own theory? The ever-intuitive J.

“J witnessed Chester’s breakdown over the course of the night, and he knows how Chester’s mind works when he’s upset,” she wrote. “I don’t think any other character could both pinpoint exactly where Chester would go, and then follow him there. I think J showing up would’ve been really cool.”

Other tidbits that were revealed: Arianna, Delilah and Naomi would’ve squashed their beef and rekindled their friendship; Riley would not have moved to Reno, Nev. with her dad; and “there was definitely a future for Greta and Riley,” that is, after they both learned to better their communication skills.

“I’m very proud to end this show with a moment of joy,” she continued. “What matters about this scene is not who shows up… but that someone shows up. Someone shows up for this unapologetically queer boy in a moment of vulnerability.”

Barnz ended the piece with some comforting words for the LGBTQIA+ community: “To any queer person reading this, whether you watched Generation or not, if your someone hasn’t found you yet, give them time. They’re finding their way.”

Who do you think should’ve been the one to meet Chester? And are you grieving the Riley/Greta relationship that never was? Drop some comments below.

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