The CW's Best Show Ever

The CW's Best Show Ever Tournament: It's The Flash vs. The Vampire Diaries as Elite 8 Round Continues— VOTE!

Best CW Show Ever

It’s vampires who feed versus one who speeds.

Round 3 of TVLine’s “The Best CW Show Ever” tournament — which is being held in celebration of the network’s 15-year anniversary on Sept. 18 — continues with an Elite 8 face-off between The Vampire Diaries and The Flash.

Leading up to this matchup between supernatural and superfast, The Vampire Diaries clearly had 90210‘s number and then proved to be bracket-tournament kryptonite to Superman & Lois. The Flash, meanwhile, handed Walker his hat before racing past iZombie in the Sweet 16 round.

What does the overall bracket look like as we head toward the homestretch? Scroll down to see the current standings, where Supernatural has become the first to hit the esteemed Final Four (click to enlarge).

Best CW Show Ever


UPDATE: The below poll is officially closed, with The Vampire Diaries advancing to the Final Four. Click here to vote in our next Elite Eight match-up, featuring Arrow vs. Gossip Girl.