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This Is Us' Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia Are the Picture of Domestic Bliss in First Photo From Final Season


At first glance, there’s nothing inherently sad about the first photo from This Is Us‘ upcoming sixth season. But then you remember that the NBC drama is entering its final run of episodes, meaning we’ve got limited time left with the Pearsons, and… well, we’re crying AND you’re crying!

Series creator Dan Fogelman tweeted a shot from the NBC series’ set Thursday, which marked the first day of production on the show’s swan song. In it, stars Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia embrace in the Pearsons’ kitchen.

After the Season 5 finale, Fogelman told reporters that the show’s swan song would “live heavily in both the period that you just saw at the end of the finale” — referring to the flash-forward taking place at Kate and Philip’s wedding — “and live heavily in the period where everybody is gathering at the house at a much older, future time, where Randall’s and Beth’s kids are grown up.”

He added: “Our characters and our actors have some really juicy stuff to dig into for this sixth season.”

Fogelman also said that series star Mandy Moore, in particular, would have a “tremendously ambitious season” in the show’s final run of episodes — and Moore herself weighed in on the matter in June, joking: “I’m going to have to save all my tears, calibrate all my adrenals, get myself into a stable place before all of that gets wrecked and ruined.”

Speaking of people who are in severe emotional turmoil, Fogelman recently said that NBC execs were moved to tears when he pitched them This Is Us‘ closing story, and that penning the premiere — which will air at midseason, kicking off a nearly non-stop run of 18 episodes — made even him cry.

So take a good look at the photo above, then hit the comments: What are your hopes, concerns and predictions about This Is Us‘ final season? 

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