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Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Set to Make Maggie/Winston and Teddy/Owen Rarities Among the Show's Couples

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Over the years, Grey’s Anatomy has hurled at its couples everything from heart attacks to brain tumors, from adultery to amputation. So we’ll forgive you if you’re surprised to learn what the show has in store for newlyweds Maggie and Winston and newly re-engaged Teddy and Owen in Season 18: joy.

When the long-running ABC drama returns on Thursday, Sept. 30, at 9/8c, Maggie and Winston will be “coming back from their honeymoon very much in love and happy to be together and working together,” executive producer Meg Marinis tells TVLine. “We’re definitely celebrating the couple.”

As well as getting to know them as they get to know each other in new ways. Keep in mind, a good deal of their courtship was conducted long-distance due to the pandemic. But “even if you’re a newlywed and you had been living together [for a long time],” Marinis suggests, “you still discover little things, living habits, all the fun stuff.”

If any duo is going to be sunnier than Maggie and Winston, it’s likely to be Teddy and Owen. “They’re starting the season stronger than ever,” Marinis says. “They’ve both grown a lot from her breakthrough about her past last season and from Owen seeing that they’ve both struggled with PTSD — in different ways, but they’ve both struggled.

“They’ll still face challenges as a couple,” she goes on, “but we took them a long way last season, so we’re happy where they are.”

What do you think, Grey’s fans? After the pall that COVID cast over the show — and the world — in Season 17, are you looking forward to Season 18 being a bit cheerier?

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