Ted Lasso's 'Wonder Kid' Suddenly the Worst? Nate the Great Takes Dark Turn

Ted Lasso 2x07 Nathan

We need to talk about “Nathan F–king Shelley.”

Ted Lasso‘s assistant coach lets his newfound fame get to his head this week. In turn, he morphs into the type of person he hates most in this world: a bully — and a pretty menacing one at that.

Nate’s transformation begins during practice, when the “Wonder Kid” chides Colin for taking a crack at him. But Jamie and Dani were also taking the piss out of Nate, Colin points out, so why does the former kit man have it out for him?

“You see, Jamie and Dani are like Picasso and Gauguin,” Nate explains. “They’re artists. And Colin, you paint, too, but your work doesn’t end up in museums. It hangs at… well, you’re like a painting at the Holiday Inn. You don’t inspire, you don’t move people. You’re… there. You cover a blood stain. You do the job, so… just do the job.” (Ouch!)

The following morning, Coach Beard confronts Nate about being rude to Colin, and tells him to “do better.” Nate in turn apologizes to Colin in front of the other players, but the tension doesn’t end there. Ted Lasso 2x07 - WillLater, the team gifts Nate his very own jersey with the unwelcome “Wonder Kid” nickname sprawled across the back. It was new kit man Will’s idea — obviously a way for the kid to try and win over his predecessor — but Nate isn’t happy. Beneath his forced grin is obvious disdain.

As the episode draws to a close, Nate is scrolling Twitter when he notices someone has referred to him as a “loser.” Enraged and determined to take it out on someone, he makes his way from his office into the kit room and threatens Will. He hurls the “Wonder Kid” jersey at the poor guy and warns, “If you ever do anything to humiliate me again, I’ll make your life a f–king misery.”

So, is it OK to hate Nathan now? Before you answer that, scroll down for other notable moments from “Headspace.”

* Ted is reluctant to accept Sharon’s help, so much so that he gets mean with her. He tells the psychologist that there’s no truth to therapy, and essentially calls her a bulls–t artist. His words hurt, but she understands where they come from — it was a fight and flight response, she acknowledges — and she accepts his eventual apology. By the end of Episode 7, the coach is ready to sit down with her and get to the root of his lingering anxiety, even if the truth may be too much to bear. “The truth will set you free,” Sharon tells him. “But first it will piss you off.”

Ted Lasso 2x07 - Sam and Rebecca* It’s been two days, and Rebecca has yet to respond to LDN152’s request to meet face to face. Keeley and Higgins encourage the team owner to meet her mystery man — at this point, Rebecca is still unaware that she’s corresponding with Sam — but she’s remains very much on the fence. (Midway through the episode, Rebecca and Sam have an awkward run-in in the hall, but neither happens to sneak a peek at the other’s phone, both of which are opened to Bantr.)

* Keeley, meanwhile, is struggling with the “adorably hairy shadow” in her life. Now that she works alongside boyfriend Roy, she never gets any alone time, and resorts to Nelson Road’s kit room to sneak cigarettes and hear herself think. Roy is slow to pick up on Keeley’s frustration, then storms out of her house when she confronts him about his constant presence. Ultimately it’s Jamie, of all people, who helps Roy (albeit unintentionally) understand that Keeley just needs some space. So, Roy returns to Keeley’s that night and surprises her with a candlelit bubblebath. He then promises to make himself scarce for the next three hours.

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