Physical Renewed for Season 2 at Apple


Apple TV+ has signed up for another round of Sheila Rubin’s rousing aerobics classes, by renewing the darkly comedic, 1980s-set Physical for a second season.

TVLine’s hand-crafted Streaming Renewal Scorecard has thusly been updated.

Created by Annie Weisman (Suburgatory, Desperate Housewives), Physical stars Rose Byrne (Damages) as the aforementioned Sheila, a housewife in 1980s San Diego who juggles her under-appreciated oversight of husband Danny’s (Superstore‘s Rory Scovel) bid for state assembly with her own, budding interest in the aerobics craze.

Rounding out the cast are English voice actress Della Saba and AHS: 1984‘s Lou Taylor Pucci as aerobics class teacher Bunny and her beach rat beau Tyler; Dierdre Friel (New Amsterdam) as Sheila’s fellow school mom, Greta; Geoffrey Arend (Madam Secretary) as Danny’s campaign manager, Jerry; and Paul Sparks (House of Cards) as local developer John Breem.

“We couldn’t be more proud to showcase Annie Weisman’s singular take on this darkly funny, heartbreaking and bold story,” Apple TV+’s director of domestic programming, Michelle Lee, said in a statement. “And then we got to watch Rose Byrne inhabit this incredible, multi-layered character, giving us an unforgettable tour de force performance. We have been thrilled to see audiences around the world fall in love and feel seen by this show and we can’t wait for everyone to experience the next chapter in Sheila’s journey towards personal empowerment.”

Season 1 of Physical opened with a fleeting peek at what appeared to be Sheila’s eventual mega-success as a Jane Fonda-like video aerobics queen, though it’s unclear if that is her true destiny or but a fantasy. “I can’t reveal too much, but the idea is that it’s a flash-forward. It’s a glimpse of the future,” Byrne previously told TVLine. “But we definitely played with those images as we go along, where you’re not sure how much is her imagination and how much she actually does achieve.”

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