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Roswell, New Mexico's Nathan Dean Reacts to That Dictator Twist: 'It Definitely Throws a Wrench Into Things'

Roswell New Mexico Recap

Roswell, New Mexico‘s latest addition is now two-for-two when it comes to mind-blowing revelations.

Just one week after revealing that Max is actually his clone, Jones confirmed another major bombshell on Monday: Michael is the son of “The Dictator,” the malevolent — and possibly immortal — being who terrorized their home planet (aka The Oasis).

“Max, Michael and Isobel all thought they knew their places, both with each other and within the world,” Nathan Dean tells TVLine. “Now we’re learning a new dynamic here. It’s definitely going to be a bit of an adjustment, and it definitely throws a wrench into things. This whole season is us learning more about where we come from and why we’re here, and that’s just one piece of information. We still have a lot to learn about our place in the universe.”

And that’s not to say Max has even fully processed what he discovered about himself. Dean acknowledges, “Learning that Max is a clone was a bit of a shock, but it also opens up so many new possibilities. I was always curious about the rules of these aliens, and who they really are, so I see this as an opportunity to learn more.”

In addition to that Dictator surprise, Monday’s episode ended with Liz’s return to Roswell. And wouldn’t you know it, Max was the first person she encountered upon stepping out of her taxi.

“This is a show about the cosmos, about cosmic situations, and I think the relationship between Liz and Max is just that — cosmic,” Dean says. “They’re in each other’s orbit, and they can’t escape each other no matter how hard they try. They don’t know why that is yet, but it’s been that way since Season 1. There’s a cosmic effect these two have on one another, so Liz and Max have to be together. We just don’t know why yet.”

Also worth discussing from “Give Me One Reason”:

* Following a slightly unconventional psych evaluation, Alex was formally welcomed into Deep Sky — you know, despite the fact that he was completely opposed to joining the shady organization just one week ago. He’s been tasked with studying an alien device that no one has been able to crack in 50 years, so he’ll be busy for a bit.

* Don’t expect Max and Anatsa’s one-night stand to go any further than that. Upon seeing him in uniform, she came clean about being a journalist assigned to investigate Roswell’s rising rate of racist crimes, as well as the department itself. In other news, I’m incredibly jealous that she got to read Max’s manuscript before I did.

* Bonus scoop: Dean confirms that Jones will “eventually” bid farewell to that big, bushy beard. “It was very combative,” Dean says of his relationship to the beard. “For the first several episodes, we were on the verge of naming that thing.”

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