HAHN's Angela Robinson Reveals What Really Went Down Behind the Scenes of Veronica's Fling With 'the Lil' Baby'

The Haves and the Have Nots only ended its eight-season run on OWN a week ago, and already, we miss it like crazy. Luckily, OWN is throwing us a bone in the form of two cast-reunion specials, the first of which airs Tuesday at 8/7c.

In the get-back-together, the Tyler Perry soap’s resident queen of mean — Angela Robinson, who played viperish Veronica Harrington — comes clean about what went down behind the scenes when her cougariffic character hooked up Tyler Lepley’s younger man Benny Young. As you’ll see in the exclusive clip above, at first the actress can barely contain her laughter as she flashes back to “when I had scenes with the lil’ baby,” as she puts it. Then she cops to what was her immediate concern: “When Benny and [Veronica]  got together, I thought, ‘OK. Oh my God, I hope he doesn’t feel like he’s kissing his mama. We’ve got to work that out.

“But immediately,” she adds, “he was so gracious. He was like, ‘Are you OK?’ at the end of every take.” In the end, Robinson says she was touched by Lepley in an altogether different way than Veronica was by Benny. “I was very moved,” she says, “by his generosity.”

Ahead of Tuesday’s special — and way ahead of Part 2, which airs at the same time on Tuesday, Aug. 3 — you can watch the clip in full by pressing PLAY above. Then hit the comments with the questions you most hope the stars answer during their stroll down Memory Lane.