The Haves and Have Nots Series Finale Recap: The Eight Most Jaw-Dropping Moments in What May Be the Craziest Hour of TV Ever — No, Seriously!

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Warning: If you’ve yet to watch Tuesday’s series finale of The Haves and the Have Nots, you might want to before reading this recap — it’s as full of spoilers as the hour was surprises!

Over the course of its eight seasons, The Haves and the Have Nots convinced us time and again that “Yup, that was the most bonkers thing we’ve ever seen on television.” Tyler Perry’s OWN soap pulled off the feat when it had Candace force Jim to make an S&M video, when Veronica had Erica blown up, when it had Wyatt shoot not one but both of his parents, when it had Jeffrey stab his homophobic mother in the breast implant…

Need we go on? Because you know we could, right? For days. Possibly even weeks. The point is, we thought for sure that by now, we had seen it all. To which the show responded, in essence, “Hold my beer,” and proceeded to unspool a series finale that was so spectacularly bat-s—t-crazy that we spent most of the jam-packed hour alternately slack-jawed with disbelief at what we were witnessing and screaming at the TV. Seriously, it was so far over the top, we doubt that it could even see the top anymore from where it landed! It was extra to the nth degree!

Now, since the sudser’s sendoff was anything but the same old, same old, we decided that instead of recap it in traditional fashion, we’d do so via a photo gallery that counts down its most “Wait, did they really… ?!?” moments in order of their shock value. When you feel like you’re ready to dive in — trust us, you’re not yet; take a deep breath — all you have to do is click on the gallery above (or go here for direct access). Then grade the episode below and hit the comments with the questions you still have. For our money, there remain quite a few (listed here)…

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