Good Witch Series Finale Recap: Did the Merriwicks Maintain Their Magic? And Which Couple Called It Quits?

good witch series finale catherine bell 7x10

Only one thing is going to cure the Merriwick cousins and preserve their magic — and it’s not modern medicine.

In Good Witch‘s series finale on Sunday, Cassie, Abigail and Joy prepare to face the mysterious force putting their family legacy at risk. Per doctor’s orders, the trio must return home and reproduce the second amulet in order to fend off the zenith of the red halo moon. But in order to do that, Joy must first recreate the dream she had in order to determine how Meredith made the original amulet.


Cassie brews a magical tea to point Joy’s dream in the right direction. Then, with George’s help, the ladies gather the materials needed to make the mystical totem. Their first attempt proves unsuccessful; the totem breaks in two mere seconds after they retrieve it from the purple flame. They soon discover that dirt is the missing element, and successfully recreate the amulet upon their second try.

Good Witch 7x10Ten minutes before midnight, Cassie, Abigail and Joy venture outside. What follows is a lunar standoff with the bright red orb that lights up Middleton’s sky. As the winds continue to pick up, Cassie has a vision of her daughter Grace (former series regular Bailee Madison). She tells herself to “take 10 seconds before you take a leap,” and avoids walking directly under the family tree, which tumbles to the ground and nearly takes out all three of them. Within its roots the cousins discover pieces of Patience’s amulet, which Fortune must have buried centuries ago. Cassie takes those fragments and uses them to fill in the cracks of their newly created charm, which in turn gives them the power they so desperately need to fend off the moon and maintain their magic. Huzzah!

Also worth discussing from the series finale…

* Tom’s mitral valve repair is a success, so he’ll have many more years to complain about how Martha fluffs his pillows.

* Cassie’s brother Vincent returns to Middleton and intends to buy a house over on Mockingbird Lane. It’s a long ways off from the marina, but he’s going to need a home more permanent than the boat if he’s going to become a foster father.

* Stephanie and Adam decide to tie the knot. They get married aboard Vincent’s boat, then gather with friends at a reception, where the chaplain announces he’ll be joining his bride in Paris. Before their flight, they make a pit stop at the church for Adam to retrieve his Bible, where the newlyweds sit and discuss their vision for the future — which includes three (!) children.

* Matt Lanter lookalike Donovan surprises Abigail with two tickets to Tuscany. He has arranged for a minister to marry them there. But after seeing Adam decide to uproot his life to move to Paris with Stephanie, Donovan and Abigail realize that they’ll never put their relationship first and break up. The morning after, Abigail tells Cassie and Joy that she’s decided to go to Tuscany without Donovan — and it may be a permanent move.

Good Witch - Joy and Zoey Kiss in 7x10 Series Finale* When Joy’s ex-girlfriend Charlotte arrives in Middleton, Zoey worries that she’s going to lose Joy. In an effort to show Philip’s daughter just how much she means to her, Zoey asks Sam for an impromptu salsa dance lesson, and surprises Joy when they return home from Stephanie and Adam’s wedding. At the end of the dance, the couple shares a kiss, signaling that they’re going to be just fine. (For more on the historic moment, click here.)

* Inspired by Stephanie and Adam’s nuptials, workaholic Sam gets down on one knee and proposes to Cassie. But it’s not a marriage proposal — it’s a promise to change his ways… and that begins with a trip around the world. As the finale draws to a close, Cassie, Sam and Abigail head off to the airport. It’s implied that Grace will join her mom and stepdad for at least part of their journey.

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