Madeleine Mantock Exits Charmed: Here's How Macy Was Written Out

Witches be warned: We’re about to break down the Season 3 finale of The CW’s Charmed. Major spoilers ahead.

And then there were two.

Just days after TVLine broke the news of Madeleine Mantock‘s impending departure from Charmed, her heartbreaking exit played out on screen during Friday’s third season finale.

The hour began with Macy embarking on an “easy peasy” mission to retrieve a supernatural fungus capable of defeating the Whispering Evil. But things took a tragic turn when Macy became the Big Bad’s new host, prompting her to swallow the fungus and stop the dark force from within — an impulsive move that left her on death’s door.

In an attempt to stall Macy’s death, Mel and Maggie used a lifeline spell that Josefina added to the Book of Shadows, sending all three sisters on a dreamlike journey through Macy’s subconscious, one that allowed her to live out all of the major life events she’s always dreamt of experiencing — including a surprise skydiving excursion, which eight-months-pregnant Mel wasn’t thrilled about.

Viewers also bore witness to Macy and Harry’s bittersweet wedding, as well as a glimpse at what their life would be like as the parents of a newborn baby. Mel and Maggie tried to stay positive throughout the whole ordeal, but the constant presence of the Guardian filled them with a sense of foreboding.

Meanwhile, Harry determined that the only way to save Macy was for him to regain his Whitelighter powers in order to heal her. Celeste reluctantly agreed to help him, assisted by an even-more-reluctant Jordan, who wasn’t exactly elated about ending Harry’s mortal life.

Harry tried to heal Macy after regaining his powers, but as she explained, there’s nothing he or anyone else could do to prevent her death, which was a result of the Whispering Evil dying inside her. Thus, he and the Charmed Ones were forced to helplessly watch as Macy’s spirit became one with the tree in the command center. (And don’t even get me started on Macy telling Harry that he will love again. Devastating!)

But while we can all shed a tear over Macy, don’t go mourning the Power of Three just yet. As the Guardian revealed in the episode’s final moments, “There is another. She’s out there.” (Good God, Marisol, how many secret children did you have?)

Also worth discussing…

* With the Whispering Evil finally destroyed, future Mel returned at the end of the hour to take back her unborn baby. (Side note: Did anyone else incorrectly suspect that Macy was going to be reborn as present-day Mel’s baby? No? Just me? OK then.)

* While consoling Maggie over the loss of her sister, Jordan — gasp! — healed her wound, revealing himself to be a Whitelighter. I’m assuming that he gained this power when Celeste super-charged Jordan’s defibrillator to save Harry, but that still leaves much to be explained. Did Jordan unknowingly die or something?

* Macy may have crossed over to the other side, but according to showrunners Craig Shapiro and Liz Kruger, “the door is always open for a return visit from Macy … one way or another.”

OK, let’s talk: How do you feel about Macy’s exit storyline, as well as the prospect of yet another secret sister? And what are your theories about Jordan’s sudden Whitelighter powers? Grade the finale below, then drop a comment with your thoughts on the future of the Charmed Ones.

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