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Will Animal Kingdom feel Angela’s presence? Which medical drama is taking a time jump? Are two Legends falling for each other? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows. (Email any brand-new Qs to InsideLine@tvline.com.)

Any idea if Emily Deschanel will be a part of Animal Kingdom this season? She said last year she would continue with the show, and as of Episode 2 she hasn’t been on. –Steven
We asked showrunner Daniele Nathanson that very question during our recent discussion about Season 5, and she cagily suggested that Deschanel’s MIA Angela has a key role yet to play. “Her presence still looms large,” the EP told TVLine. “And especially early on, it’s felt by Pope.” The question, of course, is how, exactly. (Watching in advance, our resident recapper Charlie Mason also promises that there is clarity to come.)

Just completed an epic Titans binge. Any scoop on Season 3?! –Kara
The first three episodes premiere Thursday, Aug. 12 on HBO Max, and I gotta tell you, that third one is a frickin’ edge-of-your-seat doozy, man. My jaw is still on the floor.

Any Titans scoops? I’m starved for DickKory, please! –Peter
I’m a few episodes into Season 3 thus far, and Dick’s been busy revisiting his dynamic with Batgirl-turned-Gotham police commissioner Barbara Gordon, while Kory has been repeatedly distracted by something very strange that is going on with her (though she does have a handsome someone to confide in).

The Resident Season 4 FinaleThe Resident’s Nic and Conrad just had their baby in the finale, and I am already hearing they are looking for 6- to 12-month-old twins to play the part…? –Nancy
Indeed, I can confirm that ConNic’s wee one will be a wee bit less wee when Season 5 arrives this fall (again airing Tuesdays at 8/7c), due to a wee time jump.

Is there any news on the Pine Valley show that was in development at ABC? –Joe
Only that the primetime All My Children sequel series is still in development.

Any news about whether Barry Season 3 will premiere in 2021 or 2022? –Kachi
I can tell you that production on Season 3 starts up on July 27 — and that the dark HBO comedy is casting the recurring role of a 60something talent agent who has repped Henry Winkler’s Cousineau since… well, for a while.

Good Trouble MarianaAny fresh scoops for Good Trouble? –Athena
After losing her job, her boyfriend and her friends, “Mariana is really realizing that she has to grow up, and she has to start being a little more authentic,” showrunner Joanna Johnson tells TVLine. “We forgive Mariana because there’s no malice un the things that she does, but Mariana can be a little manipulative and sometimes not 100 percent honest. She can find ways to justify maybe not quite playing by the rules or not quite being 100 percent honest. Now, she’s really having to reinvent herself and figure out who is the new Mariana, who is grown up Mariana, and it’s time for her to change her ways. So that’s going to be a real struggle.” Part of that journey will involve a new job at Callie’s law firm, which allows Mariana to “prove that she can be valuable and she’s not silly, and I think that’s something that Callie probably needs to see, as well,” Johnson adds.

Anything on Legends of Tomorrow? –Derrick
Your spidey sense was not deceiving you if you felt a vibe between Behrad and Astra in his big episode two weeks ago. “Nothing happens, but there’s that promise of something,” his portrayer Shayan Sobhian tells TVLine, adding that when Astra sees “who Behrad could have been versus who he actually is, that warms her up to him, because she’s like, ‘Oh, wow. He’s actually like a really good guy. I grew up in Hell, so maybe I’m just not used to this, but if he’s actually interested, maybe this could be something.'” But where does that leave Behrad and Spooner, who also seemed to share a connection at the start of the season? “I think Behrad and Spooner, they’re ultimate buds,” Sobhian says. “I wonder if maybe there’s something there, but for now, I haven’t seen any inklings of that.”

Will we see The Flash’s Bart and Nora in Season 8, since they didn’t go back to 2049 in the finale? Impulse is one of my favorite Flash characters. –Barry N.
I was sure to ask showrunner Eric Wallace if Jordan Fisher and/or Jessica Parker Kenney — and/or Natalie Dreyfuss, who likewise dazzles as Sue Dearbon — might be upped to series regular for Season 8. “I think you should tune in and see,…” he replied. “I love all three of those characters. I wouldn’t be surprised to see all three of them multiple times next year.”

Where Green Lantern Alan Scott’s daughter Jade goes, her brother Obsidian isn’t too far behind. Will he be making an appearance on Stargirl as well? –Steve
The whereabouts of Jenny née Jade’s brother does reveal itself to be a hot topic in one of Season 2’s early episodes.

My question about Stargirl Season 2 is: Will we see a possible romance within the group, like Courtney and Rick or Beth and Rick? –Faith
Having binged a buncha episodes of the new season (premiering Tuesday, Aug. 10 on The CW), I can confirm that one of the pairings you suggest do have a bit of an intimate-ish heart-to-heart at one point….

Anything new on New Amsterdam‘s Max and Helen? –Carrie-Ann
Might the pair’s season-ending smooch, coupled with (hopefully) a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, nudge the docs toward something grand? “I think that what we’ll see in Season 4 is, hopefully, what we’re all feeling right now in this hopeful moment of a new beginning — that the worst is behind us, and the best is in front of us,” showrunner David Schulner says. “I think a lot of us have thought about how we want to live our lives differently, how we can be better, how we can love the people close to us more fully. So hopefully Max is where all of us are or will be soon, embracing the future.”

flight attendant season 1 finaleAre there any plans for The Flight Attendant (Cassie) to have a new love interest in Season 2? –Brian
It does look like she will at least have a new romantic foil to contend with, seeing as the HBO Max comedy is on the hunt for a thirtysomething actor to play a CIA agent who keeps tabs on the unpredictable fly girl.

Any word when Grantchester will be coming back? –Sharon
The PBS series returns Sunday, Oct. 3, and per the official synopsis: “It’s 1958 and trouble is brewing in the Cambridgeshire village of Grantchester. Reverend Will Davenport relishes his role as a firebrand vicar, willing to rock the boat and challenge conventions to help people. But the very role he loves puts him at odds with his own ideals when his kind-hearted curate, Leonard Finch is caught up in a scandal. Will’s best friend, Detective Inspector Geordie Keating, finds his principles shaken, housekeeper Mrs. Chapman is distraught, and Geordie’s wife Cathy is defiant. With new crimes around every corner, and morality and legality at odds, it’s going to take all of Will’s skill and empathy to navigate these choppy waters and help the ones he loves.”

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