Never Have I Ever Season 2 Finale Recap: Devi's Dance Date Revealed!


For a while there in Never Have I Ever‘s Season 2 finale, it looks like all of Devi Vishwakumar’s season-long seesawing between potential suitors Ben and Paxton might be for naught.

Ben, deeply hurt by Devi’s attempt to date both boys earlier in the season, is barely talking to her again. Plus, he’s dating her friend, Aneesa. And Paxton, who’d been happy to sneak into Devi’s room for some late-night makeout sessions, publicly rebuffs her invitation to attend the school’s winter dance.

That last one cuts deep, given that Ben witnesses the entire, humiliating interaction in the school hallway. He follows Devi into the girls’ bathroom, where he finds her crying. He pushes aside his hurt feelings to comfort her, telling her that Paxton doesn’t deserve her, and the sweet moment hints that maybe their friendship (and more?) isn’t as destroyed as it seemed.

And when Paxton shows up in Devi’s room later that night, expecting to smooch like nothing has changed, she says no way. After all, he’s clearly embarrassed to be seen with her, right? The answer is yes… but maybe not like you thought. “How am I supposed to publicly be with the girl that cheated on me and ruined my swimming career?,” he asks when pressed, and he kinda has a point. Devi absorbs this but stands her ground: She tells him she can’t be his girlfriend in secret. And when he says they can’t date publicly, that’s that.

So Devi attends the dance with Eleanor, and they hang out until Trent approaches and asks Eleanor to dance. Meanwhile, Fabiola is true to herself by leaving the soiree in order to hang out in the robotics room and return Gears Brosnan to his former glory. Oh, and she and Eve are crowned queen and queen!

Eventually, Devi decides she’s going to leave. And as she steps into the road outside the school, Paxton accidentally hits her with his car! She’s OK — though I’m not sure how — which he ascertains as he hurries to check on her. And guess what? He’s decided he wants to be her boyfriend, in public, in private, wherever.

So they go back into the formal and slow-dance, which doesn’t escape Ben’s attention. As he grouses aloud that Devi has always had her heart set on Paxton, Eleanor overhears and corrects him. “After you took her to Malibu, she wanted to choose you. But Fab and I talked her out of it. Sorry about that. And everything she did to Aneesa? She was jealous, because she thought you were hooking up at the relay. So just for the record, it has not always been him.”

Meanwhile, on the dance floor, Devi says, “So, I guess I’m Paxton Hall-Yoshida’s girlfriend now… I wonder what that’s going to be like.” And as they kiss, Ben watches, crestfallen, from across the room.

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