The Tonight Show Video: See How Jimmy Fallon and Lin-Manuel Miranda's Broadway Celebration Came Together

Great news for those of us still watching The Tonight Show‘s “Broadway’s Back” performance on a loop: The late-night series is pulling back the curtain on how its 11 o’clock number came to be.

In the latest installment of “The (Getting Back To) Tonight Show,” a series of behind-the-scenes videos chronicling the talk show’s return to the studio, we get a better understanding of just how quickly Jimmy Fallon, Lin-Manuel Miranda and the entire Tonight Show crew had to work to pull off the song.

First, Fallon and Miranda filmed the pre-taped portion of the performance just a few hours before The Tonight Show began that evening’s in-studio taping with a live audience. As sketch director Chris Tartaro explains in the video above, only one hour was allotted to film the complicated pre-taped section, resulting in Fallon and Miranda moving quickly around the set as they paid homage to 15 different musicals in just a few takes.

Later, during the in-studio section, The Tonight Show welcomed stage veterans Kristin Chenoweth, Christopher Jackson, Phylicia Rashad, Laura Benanti, Jimmy Smits and Olga Merediz to sing a spin on Hamilton‘s “You’ll Be Back,” and the video above offers glimpses at both rehearsal and a few joyous backstage moments.

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