Virgin River Sneak Peek: Mel Consoles an 'Emotional' Jack in Season 3

Jack Sheridan is feeling a little beaten down when Virgin River returns for Season 3 — and can you really blame him?

The Netflix drama’s second season ended with the small-town bar owner getting shot by a mystery gunman, and even though Season 3 kicks off with enough of a time jump to allow for his recovery, he’s hardly unfazed by the traumatic incident that almost claimed his life.

Ahead of Virgin River‘s long-awaited return on July 9, Netflix has released a sneak peek from the third season, which finds Mel consoling her boyfriend as he reflects on all of the terrible things that have happened to him.

“Getting emotional doesn’t really work for me,” Jack says in the clip above. “I just end up breaking things.”

“Well, you can break whatever you want,” Mel replies. “But I’d prefer you do it at the bar, because I don’t have renters’ insurance.”

In case you missed it, TVLine released an exclusive Virgin River sneak peek of our own last week (click here to watch), which sheds a little more light on a potential suspect in Jack’s shooting.

Hit PLAY on the video above for first look at the premiere, then drop a comment with your thoughts below. Who do you think shot Jack?