Chicago P.D. Finale Sneak Peek: Intelligence Assembles to Find Burgess

The search is on for Chicago P.D.‘s Burgess, who was abducted at the end of last week’s episode.

The Season 8 finale (airing Wednesday at 10/9c on NBC) will see Intelligence assemble to try and figure out her whereabouts — and TVLine has your first look.

In an exclusive sneak peek of the hour, which you can check out above, the team has been chasing down potential leads but getting nowhere so far. Rather than going down a bunch of different rabbit holes, Voight insists the gang shift their focus to two suspects and where they might have taken Burgess.

“We gotta move smart,” he tells the crew.

We may not know where exactly Burgess has been taken just yet, but we do have an idea of how her disappearance will affect the team. LaRoyce Hawkins, who plays Atwater, teased a potential conflict between Atwater and Ruzek as emotions run high while tracking one of their own.

“When Burgess finds herself in a jam, and when we don’t know what’s going on with her, sometimes the gloves come off, and emotions get a little too carried away,” he shared with TVLine.

Hawkins also hinted that the Burgess situation “forces us all to have to figure it out and do our best.” In next week’s finale, we’ll see that “concepts like reform are challenged. The passion that we have for the job, where our hearts and our minds are, are going to get stretched.”

With just one episode left, what do you think of Season 8 so far? What do you hope to see in the finale? Sound off in the comments below!

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