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Handmaid's Tale Team Breaks Down That Bittersweet Reunion: 'Now What?'

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Wednesday’s episode of The Handmaid’s Tale.

Being reunited doesn’t always feel so good.

This week’s Handmaid’s Tale should’ve been cause for celebration — read our full recap here — with June finally making it out of Gilead and across the border to Canada to reunite with her husband Luke. But the happy moment quickly got complicated, with June sobbing in his arms and apologizing for leaving their daughter Hannah behind.

June and Luke’s reunion “couldn’t be perfect,” star Elisabeth Moss (June) explains to TVLine’s Kimberly Roots in the video interview above. “It couldn’t be like everything was all of a sudden OK.” Yes, June did get to enjoy some small victories along the way in scenes that Moss refers to as “the puppies and the rainbows,” but “it was very important to me that her assimilation back into society was not an easy one, because I just don’t think that would’ve been an honest story.”

Moss’ co-star O-T Fagbenle notes that Luke will be struggling with June’s assimilation as well: “It’s just hard when you don’t understand what’s going on for another person, and so often that’s the case with trauma.”

Plus, just because June made it to Canada doesn’t mean all her problems are over. “Now what? What happens after you get what you want?” executive producer Bruce Miller asks, hinting at what’s on tap for the rest of Season 4. “Do you snap back to normal? Or do you move onto something else?” As fellow EP Warren Littlefield puts it, “we’ve had some significant victories,” but “the war’s not over.”

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