Law & Order: Organized Crime Recap: Kathy's Killer Revealed!


Det. Elliot Stabler has been back in New York for all of five minutes, so of course he starts this week’s Law & Order: Organized Crime with a visit to the Internal Affairs Bureau. (Do you think the IAB staff missed Stabler? I picture him as having a memorial bench there or something, to commemorate how often his tactics back in the day landed him in trouble with the higher-ups.)

‘MOVE ON’ | The reason for the visit: answering for why a confidential informant was shot to death just feet from where both Stabler and Benson were staked out, aka the dramatic event that brought Hour 1 of this SVU/Organized Crime crossover to a close. (Read a full recap of the SVU episode here.) Benson comes out of the meeting with Garland and Bell fightin’ mad: She thinks that Stabler led them to believe that she’d ordered him to stay put, hinting that if he’d been able to get out of the car when he wanted, their informant might not be dead.

Au contraire, he tells her — and, side note, isn’t it nice to see Liv being the one losing her stuff for once this season? In fact, Stabler says, he made it clear that “You saved my ass. And by the way, you’re welcome.”  Liv makes it clear that she’s seen enough of his shiny dome for a while. “Standing right here, Captain,” he shoots back.

law-and-order-organized-crime-recap-season-1-episode-5-an-inferior-productBell leaves the meeting saying that everything is fine, but she’s got some THOUGHTS on Stabler and his former co-worker. “She means a lot to you, Capt. Benson,” Bell says in the car later. When he responds that they were partners for years, this cryptic exchange takes place:

BELL | “I don’t really know the dynamic between you two, but you need to find someone else.”
STABLER | “To do what?”
BELL | “Move on.”

I will be giving my TED Talk on what Bell meant by this later (prob on Twitter), but for now, allow me to say: HMMMMMMMMMM.

law-and-order-organized-crime-recap-season-1-episode-5-an-inferior-productAnd after Bell’s wife’s nephew gets beat up by some cops for no reason whatsoever, she heads to the hospital and Stabler leaves… and winds up at Angela Wheatley’s apartment. She’s outside on the roof, just kickin’ it in her silk loungewear, and he tries to play it off like he was in the neighborhood but realizes he’s not fooling anyone. “It’s OK,” she says, gently placing her palm on the side of the face, and Elliot melts into her touch like a pat of butter on a short stack. They stand very close for a very long time, and then he kisses her. It starts out slow but heats up real fast, and oh my lord ARE THEY GOING TO DO IT ON THIS BEAUTIFULLY APPOINTED OUTDOOR PATIO?! No, it appears as they break apart, they are not — but things got pretty steamy. “What are we doing?” she asks, discomfited enough to look chagrined but not enough to stop rubbing her hands up and down his sides like his waistcoat is made of flippy sequins. Eventually, he leaves.

law-and-order-organized-crime-recap-season-1-episode-5-an-inferior-productGET OUTTA WHEATLEY’S WAY | After Wheatley and some assassins dressed like police officers take out almost all the men involved in pushing the bad batches of faux Purple Magic, Bell and her team — with the help of undercover Gina — bring in the one member of the operation whom Wheatley’s men didn’t kill. (They also find a little girl in the apartment where everyone died, and Olivia is brought in to question the kid, hence bringing her into this episode’s action.) Benson also gets a crack at the guy, and when she asks him about Simon, it’s rough on her.

Elliot follows her out in to the hallway where they talk about how he’s not happy about staying out of the investigation into Kathy’s murder, but he’s going to do so. “You seem better,” she remarks. He’s surprised, and thanks her, but confesses that “I’m actually confused as hell about so many things.” Still, “You look better, so whatever it is you’re doing, keep doing it,” she says. And then before she leaves, they hold hands for what is just a moment in real life but is, allow me to do some calculations, carry the one, ah yes: roughly 300 ‘shipper years.

Meanwhile, Wheatley’s hired gun Becker — who, remember, is now a confidential informant himself — finds the bug in Wheatley’s office and disables it. And so Wheatley brandishes it as he interrupts Stabler while he’s apologizing to Angela for showing up all hot and needy and hot at her place. Wheatley threatens Stabler. Stabler mocks Wheatley. Fun is had by all.

IN WHICH WE LEARN WHO ORDERED THE HIT ON KATHY | “I am hunting the person responsible for killing my wife and taking your son away from you,” Stabler later tells Angela, vowing that he’s not going to let emotions — “especially emotions I don’t even understand” — to derail him from that mission. So they agree to keep things strictly business… until Stabler is able to slay his dragons.

And they’re planning to have an above-board dinner that evening when Bell’s team finds that Becker purchased some equipment last year that matches the type of equipment used to make the bomb that killed Kathy. So while police teams search Becker’s place, Bell, Stabler and the team meet Becker and Stabler is about to tear him to pieces with his bare hands as he asks why Richard Wheatley wanted Kathy dead. “He didn’t give the order,” Becker says. “Angela Wheatley did!” DUN DUN!

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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