Animal Kingdom Taps Pose Veteran Charlayne Woodard to Play Smurf's Badass Beneficiary in Season 5

animal kingdom charlayne woodard cast season 5 pam johnson

Where there’s a will, you bet your ass she’s gonna wanna have her way. Almost two years after the Season 4 finale of Animal Kingdom revealed that Smurf had left her ill-gotten gains to her old accomplice Pamela Johnson, TNT has disclosed exclusively to TVLine the identity of the actress who in Season 5 will be playing the modern-day version of the character: Pose vet Charlayne Woodard.

Viewers will recall — if they think back really far now — that we first met Pam last season in 1977 flashbacks (with Milauna Jemai Jackson in the role). As the season came to a close, J discovered in present-day that his grandmother had bequeathed her vast estate to her gal pal. But, he told Uncle Pope, that didn’t mean that they had to just fork over the loot. They were criminals, for Pete’s sake; they could simply write up a new will, backdate it and play dumb when Pam showed up.

Ha — as if it will be that easy. TNT describes the recurring role as “warm and maternal” but also “tough and intelligent. She’s still a badass, but now she lets others get their hands dirty on her behalf.”

In addition to Woodard’s stint on Pose — she was Damon’s dance instructor, Helena St. Rogers — the accomplished actress boasts a list of credits that includes recurring gigs on Prodigal Son, Roseanne, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Law & Order: SVU. Thus far, no premiere date for Animal Kingdom Season 5 has been announced. However, the show has already been renewed for a sixth and final season.

What do you think, Animal Kingdom fans? Isn’t Woodard exactly who you pictured playing the modern-day Pamela? Hit the comments with your reactions.