Walking Dead's 11th and Final Season: 'When We Start, We're Rockin' and Rollin',' Says Showrunner Angela Kang

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When The Walking Dead goes out, it’s going to be with a bang. Also, for good measure, a splat, a thunk, a whomp and a kaboom. “When we start [the final season], we’re rockin’ and rollin,’” showrunner Angela Kang tells TVLine. Forget intimate bottle episodes and character studies. “We’re back to being big and scope-y.

“There’s going to be a feeling that things are just ripping along for the first block,” which kicks off Sunday, Aug. 22. “Then,” she continues, “we’re going for some different tonal things than we’re used to on the show, which hopefully will be fun for the audience.”

What, in Season 11 of the AMC series, could possibly be different tonally, considering that we’ve already been served up heavy drama, bone-chilling horror, nail-biting action, bittersweet romance and even, now and then, a little bit of comic relief? “I think it’s just that mix,” says Kang. “And as we meet more than one kind of new community, every story will have its own vibe. So some of them may go into types of genres that haven’t been really explored on the show before.

“My hope is that it will feel like we’re still finding things that are new, even in the final season,” she adds, “but also that we’re just moving right along.” What do you think, Dead-heads? Are you ready to say goodbye to the series that launched the whole franchise? Are you all walker’d out? Hit the comments with your thoughts on the end of the line.