Elite Sets Season 4 Premiere at Netflix

Elite Season 4 Netflix

Elite is going back to school this summer: Netflix’s Spanish-language teen drama will return with Season 4 on Friday, June 18. The streamer announced the date on Twitter Monday, along with 10 new photos from the upcoming episodes. (Watch the announcement video below.)

The fresh installments will welcome several new cast members to the upper-class secondary school Las Encinas: Andrés Velencoso, Manu Rios, Carla Díaz, Martina Cariddi, Pol Granch and Diego Martín have joined the ensemble. Their characters will cross paths with Guzmán, Samuel, Ander, Omar, Rebeca and Cayetana.

Read on for the spoiler-y official description of the upcoming season:

A new school year begins at Las Encinas, and with it comes a new director (Diego Martín): one of the most powerful businessmen in Europe, ready to bring the Las Encinas institution, which, according to him, has been running amok in the past few years, back on track. He brings his three children with him (Carla Díaz, Martina Cariddi and Manu Rios): three teenagers too used to always get their own way, and to have what they want when they want, no matter who falls, and who will jeopardize the union and strong friendship of the students who have stayed at the school.
Once again, a battle between the old (the long-standing students) and the new world (the new management and the new classmates, including Pol Granch) takes place. A clash of sides where the value of friendship, love, loyalty, the discovery of one’s own sexuality, the invincible power of the privileged and the culture of silence will be tested more than ever. A confrontation that will end up exploding and causing a tragedy, a victim, and a perpetrator whose identity must be unveiled.

The show’s Season 3 finale concluded with the exits of four fan-favorites: Lu (played by Danna Paola) and Nadia (Mina El Hammani) moved to New York to continue their educations; Carla (Ester Expósito) inherited her family’s wine business; and Valerio (Jorge López) took the reigns of Carla’s new venture. (Polo, of course, wasn’t so lucky and was accidentally killed by Lu.) As for the characters sticking around for Season 4, Omar joined his boyfriend Ander (plus Samuel, Guzmán and Rebeca) as a student at Las Encinas, while Cayetana became the school’s new janitor.

As previously reported, the series has already been picked up for a fifth season by Netflix, with Argentinian actress Valentina Zenere (Cable Girls) and Brazilian actor André Lamoglia (Juacas) boarding the ensemble.

Elite fans, are you ready to re-enroll at Las Encinas? Hit the comments with your hopes for Season 4!

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