The Masked Singer Recap: It's Always Darkest Before the Swan


The Masked Singer fans, it’s early, but I’m  going to call it: Black Swan should take the whole thing this season.

That. Bird. Can. Sing. And while I may have temporarily lost my mind and thought that she was someone else last week, I have regained my wits (or what’s left of ’em after the past year) and now am fairly certain about the identity of the pop singer underneath all of those regal feathers.

Anyway, let’s get to the performances, shall we?

GRANDPA MONSTER | “I’ve always hated the sound of my singing voice,” Grandpa Monster says. But I actually think he’s got a pretty nice one, all things considered. His take on Joan Jett’s “Reputation” was rather strong, aside from that unfortunate crack at a key moment in the song. But could he go “all the way,” as judge Robin Thicke predicted? Eh. Clues included: a Santa hat, references to stranding himself in the wild like a “castaway,” a compass pointing west, a boxer dog, a yellow sports car, a bullseye and headphones. This week’s extra clue schtick was about the contestants’ childhood crushes. His was The Rock. Also, as Cluedle-Doo told us, “Word on the street is, this isn’t the first fight Grandpa Monster has picked.” (My guess: I’m recusing myself from this one, since I learned who he was before the episode began.)

PIGLET | Nick Lachey Piglet sang Andy Grammer’s “Good to Be Alive (Hallelujah)” and did a fantastic, if slightly breathy at times, job. Nick Lachey’s Piglet’s childhood crush was Meg Ryan. Clues included: football, a chalkboard that read “3528 Rushing In./Game,” a suit of armor, a white star with a black stripe, a horse, a scoreboard that read “11 to 11” and 50:10. (My guess: 98 Degrees’ Nick Lachey all day, all day.)

BLACK SWAN | As I said earlier, Black Swan’s cover of Shawn Mendes’ “In My Blood” was great, particularly that take-no-prisoners entrance into the chorus. Her freestyles are impressive without being showy, and there’s a soul that really comes through her voice. Black Swan’s childhood crush was D’Angelo. Other clues included: references to having to put some distance between someone (or some people) close to her early in her life, a nickel and a penny, references to reuniting with the aforementioned person/people “just like birds of a feather do.” (My guess: “Leave (Get Out)” singer JoJo.)

CHAMELEON | From Chameleon’s clues video, we learned that he was very close to someone who “was constantly attacked for who she was.” That person later “was taken from me,” he told us. Then he performed “21 Questions” by 50 Cent featuring Nate Dogg, which wasn’t the most logical tune to follow such a serious memory, but Masked Singer is gonna Masked Singer. Chameleon’s childhood crush was Salma Hayek. Other clues included: “Bonjour,” a wedge of Swiss cheese, peaches on a taxi, a graduation cap, a measuring tape and dressmaker’s form, and rainbow paint on a brush. (My guess: “Black and Yellow” rapper Wiz Khalifa.)

CRAB | From his clues package — talk of stardom, personal strife and “the darkness that has followed me and my family” — the season’s second wild card contestant certainly sounds like he could be Kanye West. But he’s not, if his smooooooth singing voice is any indication. Crab’s childhood crush was Janet Jackson. (“We grew up together on Good Times,” he said.) Other clues included: a broken mirror, “2+3” on a calculator, Mona Lisa and… were those miniature versions of former Masked contenders Butterfly and Bee (aka Michelle Williams and Gladys Knight)? (My guess: “My My My” singer Johnny Gill.)

THE UNMASKING | Grandpa Monster was unmasked, and the furry senior citizen was revealed to be controversial YouTuber Logan Paul.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Press PLAY on the video below to watch Paul’s unmasking, then sound off in the comments!


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