9-1-1 Spring Teaser Finds Maddie in Labor, While Lone Star Offers a Grim Update About Judd and Grace

9-1-1 Spoilers

Fans may be excited for the April 19 return of 9-1-1 (8/7c) and 9-1-1: Lone Star (9/8c), but after watching Fox’s just-released teasers for each show, you might not be so eager for their stories to progress.

First up, 9-1-1‘s teaser offers us our first look at the arrival of Maddie and Chimney’s baby, as the mother-to-be is rushed from her desk to the hospital. (“It’s all happening so fast!”)

We also get a heartbreaking glimpse of baby Nia being taken from Hen and Karen (“They’re tearing our family apart!”), as well as a fed-up Athena reacting to multiple casualties caused by a drunk driver.

Check that out below:


Over on Lone Star, we pick up with the aftermath of Judd and Grace’s car crash, with Marjan asking the question on every viewer’s mind: “What the hell happened?!” And the fact that Owen says they were in the water “too long” is doing nothing to sway our concerns for the couple.

As showrunner Tim Minear previously told us, “The premiere will pick up 18 years ago, not right where we left off. It actually is kind of [a ‘begins’ episode] for Judd and Grace. It’s the story of how they met, how they fell in love and what they mean to each other. We’ll also tell you what happened when they went off the bridge, and who — if anyone — survives.”

Watch that teaser below:


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