Can NCIS Lighten Up? Was New Flash Speedster Cool? What the Fork, TWD? Jeopardy Too Gleeful? And More Qs!

TV Questions

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Walking Dead, NCIS, The Masked Singer and the Grey’s Anatomy/Station 19 crossover!

1 | What’s the point of Paramount+ having user profiles if users can’t even create a watchlist?

2 | Was there any moment on TV this week more precious than Minari‘s 8-year-old Alan Kim breaking down in tears as he accepted a Critics Choice Award?

3 | After American Idol‘s latest outing, are you perfectly fine never hearing the phrases, “Roll tide!” or “Go Dawgs!” ever again?

4 | Should someone at CBS who knew that Meghan and Harry‘s disclosures to Oprah would be quite serious and sometimes tragic have phoned someone else at CBS to not run Colbert’s finger-snapping “Let’s spill the tea!” Late Show promos?

5 | Show of hands, Good Girls fans: Who thinks Dean will actually go down for the cash operation behind Boland Bubbles?

6 | Was The Walking Dead‘s Daryl really trying to eat corn with a fork?

7 | Was the creepiest part of Men in Kilts‘ ghost episode the fact that the Greyfriars Kirkyard historian made a joking reference to Jamie’s Season 1 rape?

8 | As happy as we were that American Gods‘ Salim got his groove back, don’t you still kinda hold out hope that he and The Jinn will reunite in a potential Season 4?

9 | Why didn’t Matt James or The Bachelor producers name Manny James’ native African country? What are they hiding? And did Rachael somehow not realize that Matt was dating other women until this week’s fantasy suites?

10 | The Good Doctor‘s potential pairing of Park and Morgan: Yea or Nay?

11 | What did Debris‘ Bryan and Finola do before all of this, that they so casually discuss which of several cloned humans is the original? Also, did the sci-fi drama make a misstep by leading off with two similarly emo cases?

12 | If you hadn’t seen Snowpiercer‘s Pike shave with your own two eyes, do you think you would be recognizing chrome-domed Steven Ogg?

13 | So, did The Flash‘s Cisco accomplish anything with his latest trip to Atlantis? Also, did you not realize how much you needed to see Frost as a speedster?

14 | Is Superman & Lois going to set something in town on fire each week, just so Lana’s husband can be worked into a scene?

15 | With more fights than hookups, and a boring cast, is this season of Temptation Island more tepid than tempting?

NCIS Emily Fornell Dies16 | Over three consecutive episodes, NCIS has A) killed off Palmer’s wife, B) had Jack leave the team and C) killed off Fornell’s young daughter. Has it all been a bit much, so close together? And while we’re usually very chill about CBS’ “connected” shows recycling actors, NCIS adding Katrina Law barely a year after Hawaii Five-0 ended is a bit soon, right? (But better than her being cast on NCIS: Hawaii, we suppose!)

17 | Should Riverdale‘s parents be concerned that new high school teachers Archie and Veronica are using their students as cheap labor in their extracurricular projects?

18 | Given the events of the past week, did your ears also perk right up at Nancy Drews “Thank you, Queen Elizabeth!” line?

19 | Who else’s blood was boiling after this week’s Chicago P.D.? Why did Wheelan get the hero treatment after murdering that kid?

20 |The Masked SingerYou mean to tell us The Masked Singer went to the trouble to create miniature versions of each judge for the Clue Van… but gave them no discernible facial features? (And who did Nicole Scherzinger tick off for her miniature to have that bustline and a barely attached head?)

21 | Who was happy to see Resident Alien‘s Deputy Liv finally stick up for herself to Sheriff Mike? Do you think this unlikely duo be able to mend fences soon?

22 | Should Good Trouble have included a passing mention of what Jesus is up to during its The Fosters reunion episode?

23 | Were you booing or cheering when The Challenge‘s Nany earned her gold skull, and in your opinion, does she have what it takes to win a final?

24 | It’s not that we hate joy and we get that it’s a cool gig and all, but is Jeopardy! guest host Katie Couric bringing a little too much gleeful energy to the job?

25 | Fox News, what was this?  →

26 | On Station 19, given how long DeLuca and Carina were on that train with Opal, shouldn’t there have been some discussion about whether Grey Sloan was really the closest hospital to which he could be taken after his stabbing?

27 | First Alaric, now Dorian…. Is every character on Legacies going to get a turn as principal of Mystic Falls High School before this show ends?

28 | Was the Hell’s Kitchen reward of operating an excavator to crush a car that was labeled with the other team’s name (!) and had a human-looking mannequin inside (!!) a bit… dark?

29 | Did Thursday’s B Positive — in which Gina discovered that [Spoiler alert!] her estranged father had died last year — go a long way in making Annaleigh Ashford’s character feel like a real person?

30 | After Thursday’s Superstore, it’s pretty obvious the show is going to end with the closure of Store 1217, right?

Young Sheldon31 | Does the great Reba McEntire deserve some sort of award for her ability to fake being tone deaf on Young Sheldon? And you’d totally watch a spinoff with these two, right?

32 | Isn’t it at least a little odd that grown-ish‘s Zoey and Ana, having both now been with Aaron in the Biblical sense, wouldn’t at least mention that? Like wouldn’t there at least be a wink?

33 | After Servant‘s Julian was mysteriously revived by Leanne, he exclaimed: “I saw him there.” But where is “there,” exactly? And any guesses as to who the mystery woman at the front door was in the episode’s last few seconds?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!