Did WandaVision's Final Episode Deliver That Much-Anticipated Cameo?

WandaVision Finale Cameo

For the last seven weeks, WandaVision fans have tried to conjure a major Marvel cameo almost as hard as Wanda worked to whip up her sitcom world. And with the Disney+ series wrapping its run on Friday, only one episode remained for a jaw-dropping surprise appearance.

There was ample reason to suspect a familiar face from the Marvel Cinematic Universe would drop by: Ahead of WandaVision‘s premiere, star Paul Bettany said the show would welcome “this actor that I’ve always wanted to work with,” whose scenes with Bettany would feature “extraordinary” chemistry.

In the end, Bettany (as he admitted on GMA) turned out to be trolling all of us, as the cameo he was teasing was… his own, as White Vision. But even with Bettany’s cheeky comments accounted for, we still had Elizabeth Olsen’s intriguing hint about a Luke Skywalker-type moment on WandaVision — meaning, a piece of casting she was shocked hadn’t been leaked, much like Mark Hamill’s appearance in The Mandalorian‘s Season 2 finale last year.

As Olsen shared with us ahead of the premiere, she was “really excited” for fans to see who, or what, would appear during the season, despite being unable to offer details.

But the WandaVision finale has now come and gone, and — Episode 9 spoilers! — alas, no such cameo took place.

With the series confirmed to lead into Marvel’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (hitting theaters March 2022), the most obvious possibility for an appearance seemed to be Benedict Cumberbatch as the Sorcerer Supreme, whose name was even dropped in Friday’s finale. But fans had tossed out numerous possibilities from the MCU — Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye, Letitia Wright’s Shuri, even Robert Downey Jr.’s deceased Tony Stark — as well as characters from 20th Century Fox’s X-Men movies, now that Marvel Studios’ acquisition of those film rights allows for X-Men characters (such as Evan Peters’ version of Pietro/Quicksilver) to appear in Marvel projects.

At the time we spoke to Olsen, she may have been teasing the arrival of Peters as “Fietro,” which did get the WandaVision fanbase abuzz when he showed up at the end of Episode 5 (though his casting had been leaked just before the show debuted). Or perhaps, like Bettany, she was alluding to White Vision all along.

In any event, though it didn’t feature a much-anticipated cameo, the WandaVision finale (again, spoilers!) did include an epic showdown between Wanda and Agatha Harkness, which made way for Wanda’s transformation into the Scarlet Witch. Meanwhile, one mid-credits scene teed up Monica Rambeau’s next appearance in Captain Marvel 2, while a second one revealed where Wanda (and the Scarlet Witch) flew off to. (Read TVLine’s full finale recap.)

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