WandaVision Meets Tonight Show as Jimmy Fallon Travels Through TV Time

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It looks like Studio 6B is now inside The Hex.

On Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon and WandaVision star Elizabeth Olsen teamed up for an homage to the Disney+ series — excellent news for those of us who wanted to see Olsen play a few more retro characters before the series ends.

In the sketch below, much like in WandaVision, Fallon speeds through different eras of late-night television, with Olsen joining him each time to promote her latest project. (Anyone know if The Boxcar Gals and the Fellas From Tulum is streaming anywhere?) But as The Tonight Show moves through each decade, Olsen becomes increasingly suspicious about the circumstances of these interviews: Why aren’t she and Fallon in the same room together? And if Fallon doesn’t have a live audience right now, where’s all that laughter coming from?

Fallon might not be mourning the loss of his synthezoid spouse, but it seems he’s got his own reasons for trapping The Tonight Show in an old-school bubble — and just like an episode of WandaVision would, the sketch ends with a major twist.

On the real version of Wednesday’s Tonight Show, Olsen appeared in support of WandaVision‘s upcoming (series?) finale, which drops Friday, March 5. Watch FallonVision in its entirety below: