Prodigal Son's Midseason Finale Reveals What Ainsley Really Did

Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 7

The following post contains spoilers for Tuesday’s Prodigal Son midseason finale. Proceed with caution!

If Malcolm Bright didn’t have serious trust issues before, he certainly does now!

Tuesday’s episode of Prodigal Son, which served as the Season 2 winter finale, revealed the truth behind the bloodstains on Ainsley’s shirt — and we suppose we should be relieved that it wasn’t human blood on her clothes, nor did Ainsley actually kill anyone this time around. But much to Malcolm’s shock and anger, Ainsley was merely pranking her brother by pouring pig’s blood on herself, as a way to punish him for lying to her about Nicholas Endicott’s demise.

“You lied to me. Underestimated me for months,” Ainsley told Malcolm, refusing to believe that her brother’s recent actions were intended to protect her. “For someone who’s spent the last few decades trying to recover from being gaslit, it’s ironic how quickly you resorted to it.” (Malcolm apologized, but also begged Ainsley to understand her prank was “completely deranged,” which… yes.)

With a hint of glee in her voice, Ainsley also urged Malcolm to believe they got away with Endicott’s murder: “We’re Whitlys. No one does this murder stuff better than us,” she added. But little does Ainsley know, Endicott’s head was just recovered in Estonia, and Europol agent Simon Hoxley (The Good Wife‘s Alan Cumming) is heading to New York City to solve the case.

Elsewhere in the midseason finale, Jessica decided to finally write a memoir about her eventful life, with the advance going straight to her cash-strapped sister, Birdie. And over at Claremont Psychiatric, Martin got a job in the infirmary, where he had his first encounter with Dr. Vivian Capshaw (new series regular Catherine Zeta-Jones). Capshaw initially had Martin cleaning the facility’s bedpans, but when he proved useful in relieving a patient of his brain bleed, Martin got a much warmer welcome from the doc — including a butterscotch candy that she (kinda sensually!) slipped into his hand at the end of the day.

Prodigal Son will return with new episodes on Tuesday, April 13; watch a trailer for the upcoming installments below, then grade the midseason finale in our poll.

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