This Is Us Sneak Peek: The Reality of New Parenthood Sets In for a Shell-Shocked Jack and Rebecca

This Is Us Season 5 Episode 9 video Rebecca Jack Bring Babies Home

It appears that This Is Us‘ Kevin has been difficult literally since birth.

Because of course Kev is the infant who decides to pee all over everything as his frazzled mom and dad prepare to leave the hospital in this exclusive sneak peek from tonight’s episode (NBC, 9/8c).

The hour, titled “The Ride,” chronicles several times that Pearsons have brought new babies home over the years. And in the Jack-and-Rebecca flashback, both new parents struggle to figure out exactly how they’re going to handle The Big Three with no back-up.

As the fear and confusion starts to play out on Mom and Dad Pearson’s faces, a kind nurse steps in and encourages them to do a little hospital-sanctioned pilfering of the supply cabinet. (Diapers are expensive, after all, and those kids use so many of them!) But even that windfall isn’t enough to completely shake Rebecca of the haunted look she wears — remember, this is a woman who’s just endured emergency surgery and the loss of a child — or to soothe an also-suffering Jack when he encounters the hell that is Installation Of A Car Seat (times three).

Press PLAY on the video below to watch the new parents try to cope, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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