SVU Recap: Criminal Intent's Barek (Kinda) Holds It Down in The Bronx

Law and Order SVU Recap Season 22 Episode 8 Barek Annabella Sciorra

Someone who hasn’t been in the Law & Orderverse for quite some time popped back in during this week’s SVU: Carolyn Barek, formerly of Criminal Intent, who is now a lieutenant in charge of The Bronx Special Victims Unit.

Annabella Sciorra’s character resurfaced after a rape in the Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan bore similarities to several that had been committed in The Bronx in the past year. Realizing that a serial criminal was likely responsible — the rapist told all of his victims to “be a good girl” — Olivia & Co. went to the Boogie Down to find out why they hadn’t been looped in earlier.

That’s where they ran into Barek and her team, who were highly disinterested in working with Manhattan SVU. When the rapist struck again, and Benson and her crew arrived at the crime scene to find Barek giving a press conference, a pissing war over the case eventually turned into a shoving war between Fin and one of Barek’s Sgt. Mouldivan. Of course, the reporters present noticed, which meant that Liv and Carolyn soon were called into Deputy Chief Garland’s office and ordered to form a joint task force.

Soon after, the cops chased a man who they thought was responsible for the rapes — Mouldivan even shot at him, though Rollins thinks that’s going overboard — but the dude has an alibi for some of the crime dates. And after Mouldivan engaged in some more shady behavior, Liv and her team started to suspect that Mouldivan was a copycat rapist.

And after Rollins essentially got him to confess at a bar, Mouldivan threatened to shoot her, threatened to shoot himself and then couldn’t go through with it. Fin hauled him away. Meanwhile, Mouldivan’s partner angrily confronted Kat and threatened that Mouldivan has more friends in the department than she does. “The next time you call for backup, I wouldn’t hold your breath,” she warned.

In the end, Liv told Barek not to be too tough on herself for missing that one of her officers was, in fact, a heinous criminal. “You’re gonna get through this,” she said.

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