Trump Impeachment: Disturbing, NSFW Video Lays Out Harrowing Escalation of Capitol Insurrection


President Donald Trump‘s second impeachment trial began Tuesday with a disturbing video depicting the escalation of the Jan. 6 attack on the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C.

The montage, which you can watch in full below courtesy of NBC News’ Twitter feed, laid out the timeline of that day’s events, beginning with Trump’s speech to supporters near the White House. During that rally, Trump told the crowd they needed to “show strength” and proceed to the Capitol, where lawmakers were meeting to certify the events of the 2020 presidential election.

Many of those in the audience followed the then-president’s advice, leading to a riot that left several people dead and more injured, the Capitol defaced and legislators fearing for their lives.

The footage below documents the escalation of the attack, including the moment that those taking part in the election certification first became aware that the building had been breached. Warning: Much of what you will see and hear is violent, explicit and/or harrowing, including the moment that mob member/QAnon supporter Ashli Babbitt is fatally shot by a Capitol Police officer attempting to fend off the attack. 

Other visuals include people in Trump clothing and holding Trump flags chanting “Stop the steal!,” “Treason!” and “Fight for Trump!” as they push past law enforcement officials’ barricades and beat on doors inside the building. At one point, one rioter muses that they could use “30,000 guns,” and another replies, “Next trip.”

Press PLAY on the videos below to watch.

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