9-1-1 Sneak Peek: Athena Fights for Her Life as a Mudslide Ravages the City

911 Season 4 Episode 2

Athena Grant is having a hell of a first day back in the field.

Last week’s 9-1-1 premiere found Angela Bassett’s character returning to active duty for the first time since her near-death assault in Season 3. But what began as a routine welfare check turned into Athena’s worst nightmare when a mudslide led to a literal cliffhanger.

TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek of tonight’s continuation (Fox, 8/7c), which picks up right where last week’s episode left off. Depending on how this latest crisis works out, Athena is either poised for a major breakthrough… or she’ll be scheduling more meetings with Brooke Shields.

Watch our harrowing first look at tonight’s episode below:

“It’s a continuation of Part 1, so Athena is still out there in jeopardy,” showrunner Tim Minear tells TVLine of tonight’s episode. “It’s not that somebody dropped a house on her… but somebody dropped a house on her. So we’ll get the resolution of that adventure, and we’ll also meet some adorable millennials who are visiting Los Angeles and want to see the Hollywood sign at the most inopportune moment. Oh, and Chimney is going to have a close encounter… with a chimney.”

Hit PLAY on the video above for a sneak peek of tonight’s 9-1-1, then drop a comment with your thoughts on Season 4 thus far.

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