Did Teri Hatcher Wow on Wheel? Is WandaVision Magic Inconsistent? Did S.W.A.T. Tease L.A.F.D.? And More Qs!

Celebrity Wheel Fortune Hatcher

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including American Gods, This Is Us, Search Party and WandaVision!

1 | Pretend It’s a City watchers, did you find director/interviewer Martin Scorsese’s interminable guffawing at Fran Lebowitz’s schtick charming, or intrusive?

Blue Bloods2 | Could Blue Bloods have put Baez in an undercover disguise that didn’t quite scream “undercover disguise”? Also, was that the most fun family dinner in a long while? So much gossip about the Reagan men!

3 | We know that NCIS: LA‘s Deeks is regularly a source of comedic relief, but were you disappointed he wasn’t taking FLETC more seriously, cracking wise to his instructor and what not?

4 | Any chance The Rookie will get Nathan Fillion, Brandon Routh (now recurring as Officer Stanton) and Kamar de los Reyes (who is playing Lopez’s new partner) in a scene together, and stage a mini One Life to Live reunion?

5 | American Gods viewers: Did you happen to see Mr. Wednesday’s grinning face in Mt. Rushmore during one of the map transitions?

Nickelodeon NFL6 | What was your favorite part of Nickelodeon’s NFL coverage? The (CG-animated) touchdown slime showers? The cloud puffs at running backs’ feet? Seeing familiar cartoon characters emerge from pile-ups?

7 | Do the Emmys need a special category for The Wall players who don’t erupt in cheers upon hearing that their partner ripped up a significantly lower contract? And what are the odds that Monday’s Ellen’s Game of Games and Weakest Link both had questions about Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair”? (Do the NBC game shows’ writers rooms share a thin wall?)

8 | We can excuse when The Good Doctor‘s Shaun divulges too much about his personal life in the workplace, but are we really supposed to believe he’d think it was appropriate to ask the chief of surgery and a fellow female colleague which vibrator they thought Lea would prefer as a birthday present? Meanwhile, TVLine reader Jeff asks: “In a teaching hospital where there is an OB/GYN service, why are surgical interns doing an OB/GYN (aspiration abortion) procedure?”

The Bachelor 9 | Did The Bachelor just deliver one of the franchise’s worst-ever first kisses, thanks to Matt’s creepy open eyes? And how much would you pay for a special edit that removes any and all Victoria scenes/interviews/snotty reaction shots?

10 | Did any other Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist viewers/ longtime Scrubs fans immediately think of Turk’s “Poison” dance when Emily busted out the Bell Biv DeVoe classic? And how many times have you rewatched Max and Zoey’s sex medley? (We lost count over here.)

11 | Akin to what This Is Us‘ Beth said to Hai about his story being podcast-worthy, are some of the show’s flashback episodes so rich and interesting (and diverse!) that you almost wish the idea was used to seed an unrelated TV-movie or miniseries? Also, as Randall (and Laurel before him) stepped into the lake, did anyone else worry about the alligators, venomous snakes (and all other manner of Louisiana wildlife) that might be lurking under the surface? Also, based on that promo — SPOILER ALERT! — is Kevin about to get his own Annie Wilkes?? (“You’re my Manny now!”)

12 | Is Insecure coming to an end because fans incessantly lobbied Issa Rae and showrunner Prentice Penny to make the 30-minute comedy longer?

The Conners13 | We know The Conners‘ Ben didn’t have an especially good relationship with his father — or rather, the man he thought was his father —  but weren’t you expecting to see Darlene’s boyfriend to get a tad more emotional when he found out Nate died? Also, can we talk about Ben’s FaceTime history? For one, did he really just FaceTime with Dan, Darlene, Mark and Harris in the span of five minutes? And unless Mom and Dad share an iPhone, would Barb be FaceTiming him from a shared number?

14 | Were any other Chicago P.D. viewers expecting Burgess to foster the little girl whose family was killed?

15 | How does Name That Tune make its extemporaneously playing house band sound so incredibly non-live? And two weeks in, is there anything sadder than Randy Jackson describing the unceremoniously unveiled bonus prize someone has won?

SWAT LAFD16 | Did this week’s S.W.A.T. feel like a backdoor pilot for a spinoff called L.A.F.D.? (Or would they have sprinkled more “name” actors among the firefighters?)

17 | How did you feel about The Challenge‘s latest elimination battle? Were you celebrating Big T’s move, or bummed with how everything turned out?

Night Stalker18 | Hey, early Night Stalker bingers…. How’d you sleep that night?

19 | Is Call Me Kat‘s Sheila under the impression that Puerto Rico is some third-world country and not a United States territory, what with her concerns that Kat was going to be “abducted in a hot minute” and have her “hollow body shipped back, full of drugs”?

20 | Any other Superstore viewers catch the reference to She Se Puede, the digital lifestyle community for Latinas cofounded by former series regular America Ferrera?

21 | On Search Party, shouldn’t Dory’s friends have realized that the handwriting on the fake note wasn’t actually hers?

22 | Were you initially skeptical of Teri Hatcher’s “I’m just going to buy every vowel” approach to Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, only to be proven dead wrong in the end?

The Chase

23 | Does ABC’s The Chase have the most socially distanced set of… well, anything ever?

Last Man Standing24 | Since when has Last Man Standing’s Ryan ever thought of Mike as his mentor? Isn’t the whole point of their relationship that they never see eye to eye? Also, why? →

25 | Are we sure WandaVision‘s titular pair aren’t just stuck in Pleasantville? (Is Don Knotts behind this?) Also, Wanda can “magic” a wardrobe change, but she can’t turn a grocery bag of ingredients into a cooked meal…?

26 | Doesn’t it seem contradictory for Servant‘s Julian to throw away the doll, but then give Dorothy false hope with the baby bootie and cryptic letter shortly after? What are your theories as to why Sean still can’t taste or feel pain (his poor hand!) And why on earth did Sean save the doll from the trash and give it a bath?

27 | Did you laugh even once at the trailer for Kevin James’ The Crew?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!