Cobra Kai Spinoff in the Works? EP Says 'Possibility Is Definitely Out There'

Cobra Kai Spinoff

Cobra Kai Season 4 is on the way, but according to the show’s executive producers, there may be even more in store for the dojos’ future.

In early October, Netflix announced that dojo doors will remain open for Season 4, and while the Cobra Kai bosses are hoping to begin production early this year, they’re also eyeing other avenues of storytelling to expand the franchise’s universe even further. And they’re looking at one of their favorite series for inspiration.

“Our hope is that we can really expand this whole Karate Kid universe and reinvigorate the fanbase, so that it’s a story we can continue telling,” EP and co-showrunner Hayden Schlossberg tells TVLine. “We do have an endgame for Cobra Kai, but we always compare it to our other favorite show, Breaking Bad, [and how] they’re able to keep the story going with Better Call Saul and El Camino.

“We spend time with Kreese’s backstory [in Season 3], but we could’ve spent more time with Kreese’s backstory. We have so many things to tell in these half-hour episodes, it ends up not being enough. We’re just having a fun time as friends getting to work in the sandbox of The Karate Kid and hope to keep it going.”

With the series’ recent move to Netflix, an expanded universe or a collection of companion series could be just the thing to keep the spirit of Miyagi-Do alive for the foreseeable future, the EP says.

“If you look at our careers, we’ve always had sequels. We fall in love with our characters,” adds Schlossberg. “Every permutation of spinoff or deep-dive crosses our minds. It all has to be the right thing, and it has to be the same level of quality that Cobra Kai is. Our minds are always thinking Karate Kid, so that possibility is definitely out there.”

In the meantime, Schlossberg, along with fellow EPs/co-showrunners Josh Heald and Jon Hurwitz, confirmed that pre-production for Season 4 is “full steam ahead.” Says Heald: “We have most of the episodes written, and have the whole season figured out.”

Would you watch a Cobra Kai spinoff, and what are your Season 4 predictions? Drop your comments below!

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