Big Little Lies Update: David E. Kelley Says Potential Season 3 Would Be a Scheduling Nightmare, 'But... '

Big Little Lies Season 3

When it comes to a potential third season of Big Little Lies, all roads leading back to Monterey are currently blocked.

“I’m not sure logistically how it could be done because everyone is so busy,” exec producer David E. Kelley tells TVLine. “It [certainly] couldn’t be done right away. Down the road? Maybe.”

Big Little Lies star (and frequent Kelley muse) Nicole Kidman divulged to Marie Claire Australia last fall that Kelley and BLL author Liane Moriarty “have a really good idea for” a third season. And the Oscar and Emmy winner later told us that the pair actually shared a “tidbit” of the premise with her.

Kelley declined to offer up any details on the aforementioned idea, except to say “it hasn’t progressed very far” as a result of the myriad scheduling hurdles. “Nicole herself has about five projects backed up,” notes Kelley, whose growing list of Kidman collaborations also include HBO’s The Undoing and the forthcoming Hulu limited series Nine Perfect Strangers. “Reese [Witherspoon] is equally as busy. Zoë [Kravitz] is [playing] Catwoman [in The Batman] — and that’s just the beginning. All [of the actresses] are extremely busy.

“But we so love the show and the characters,” Kelley adds, “so none of us have given up on the idea of bringing the band back together.”

Kidman is equally as game. “I would like there to be [a Season 3],” she recently enthused to TVLine. “There are so many great stories to tell and I am open to all the different horizons.We all love each other and want to work together. We’re deeply intertwined now. Whether that [camaraderie yields] a story that will be fascinating and complex and important, that’s a different thing. It would need to be a story that makes our jaws drop.”