The Undoing's Nicole Kidman Addresses Big Little Lies Comparisons, Drops 'Tidbit' About Potential Season 3

The Undoing

The Undoing and Big Little Lies share a network (HBO), a writer (David E. Kelley), a star (Nicole Kidman) and a conceit (wealthy moms in crisis!). But that’s pretty much where the project’s similarities begin and end, maintain Kidman and her Undoing director Susanne Bier.

The fact that Bier has a “very different” visual style than Big Little Lies‘ respective Season 1 and 2 helmers, Jean-Marc Vallée and Andrea Arnold, allows The Undoing to stand on its own, Kidman tells TVLine, adding, “That’s the beauty of great filmmakers.”

Bier acknowledges that she had seen both seasons of Big Little Lies prior to taking on The Undoing. “I liked it a lot, but it’s definitely very different,” the Night Manager auteur maintains. “I think one of the reason why it gets compared a lot to [BLL] is that David E. Kelley writes [female characters] really well.”

Another parallel between the two dramas: Like The Undoing, Big Little Lies was initially conceived as a limited series. It would, of course, go on to a see a second season. And talk of a potential third season is picking up steam, especially with Kidman making the media rounds for The Undoing. The Oscar and Emmy winner recently divulged to Marie Claire Australia that Kelley and BLL author Liane Moriarty “have a really good idea for” a third season.”

Kidman tells TVLine that the pair shared “a tidbit” of that idea with her, but she’s reluctant to share it because “you never know what it will end up as.”

For her part, she’s game to head back to Monterey. “I would like there to be [a Season 3],” she enthuses. “There are so many great stories to tell and I am open to all the different horizons. I think it would take an enormous amount of commitment from all of us. We all love each other and want to work together. We’re deeply intertwined now. There’s this enormous pull from this desire to just be together.

“Whether that [camaraderie yields] a story that will be fascinating and complex and important, that’s a different thing,” she continues. “It would need to be a story that makes our jaws drop.”

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