Cobra Kai EP Previews Miguel's 'Rough Road Ahead,' Why He's 'Reevaluating His Relationship' With Johnny

Cobra Kai Season 3 Miguel Diaz

Miguel Diaz followed the teachings of his sensei by showing mercy… and he ultimately paid the price for it.

At the end of Cobra Kai‘s second season, Robby Keene nearly roundhouse kicked the life out of Miguel in a gnarly battle between the Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do dojos. When Season 3 picks up (all 10 episodes hit Netflix on Friday, Jan. 1), his future hangs in the balance.

Although the Season 3 trailer somewhat reveals his fate, executive producer and co-showrunner Jon Hurwitz confirmed that Miguel’s path toward recovery won’t be an easy one.

“He needs to physically rehabilitate to hopefully be able to walk again, much less fight again,” Hurwitz tells TVLine, adding that Sensei Lawrence’s teachings not only failed Miguel, but put his life in grave danger. He will need to reconcile that before he can move forward.

In Season 2, he was on a path and being taught by a reformed Johnny to still have the toughness of Cobra Kai, but to sometimes show mercy,” says Hurwitz. “I think we all, as an audience, were rooting for him to show mercy in that moment, but sometimes you do the right thing and it doesn’t work out for you.”

Despite surviving his fall and facing heaps of physical hurdles, Miguel will also face mental and emotional hurdles, teases Hurwitz, as he not only processes what happened to him, but tries to figure out who he can trust going forward.

“He needs to reevaluate what his relationship with Johnny is,” the EP says. “He’s had this sensei who he listened to and who believed in him. When you’re lying in a hospital bed, unable to move your feet, you question your choices, you question your mentor. In Season 3, the audience is going to watch Miguel go through all of the struggles, and we’ll see how he deals with the aftermath.”

Will Miguel ever fight again? How do you think he’ll react when he sees Johnny? Leave all of your Season 3 predictions in the Comments!

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