Cobra Kai's Kick-Ass Season 3 Trailer Teases Daniel/Johnny Partnership, Sidesteps Ali Mills Cliffhanger

If this new Cobra Kai footage is any indication, the Netflix phenom’s third season is going to be a kick and a scream.

The streaming giant on Wednesday released the first official trailer for Season 3 of the Karate Kid sequel series, and it appears the decades-old feud between Ralph Macchio’s Daniel LaRusso and William Zabka’s Johnny Lawrence is beginning to cool.

“The only way to end this is by working together,” Daniel implore Johnny, teeing up their inevitable face-off with the Big Bad Kreese.

The big question heading into the new season: Will Elisabeth Shue reprise her movie role as Ali Mills, ex-girlfriend to Daniel and Johnny, as has been long rumored. Considering Season 2 ended with Johnny unknowingly receiving a Facebook friend request from her, all signs point to probably. The trailer, however, is conspicuously Ali-free.

That said, we do spy Tamlyn Tomita and Yuji Okumoto reprising their roles as Kumiko and Choze, from The Karate Kid Part II.

Per Netflix’s official synopsis, Season 3 “finds everyone reeling in the aftermath of the violent high school brawl between their dojos, which has left Miguel in a precarious condition. While Daniel searches for answers in his past and Johnny seeks redemption, Kreese further manipulates his vulnerable students with his own vision of dominance. The soul of the Valley is at stake, and the fate of every student and sensei hangs in the balance.”

Originally a YouTube Premium series, Cobra Kai was acquired by Netflix last June. Underscoring the series’ popularity, Netflix in October handed the show an early Season 4 renewal.

Cobra Kai‘s 10-episode third season is set to premiere on Jan. 8, 2021.

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