Nancy Drew Kicks Off Season 2 With a Grim Discovery — 2021 FIRST LOOK

Nancy Drew Season 2

2021 First Look TVLineBad things tend to happen when Nancy Drew gets a flashlight in her hand, and TVLine’s exclusive first look at the show’s upcoming second season is no exception.

The CW drama’s second season (Jan. 20, 9/8c) thrusts the Drew Crew into a new mystery when an unidentified young woman is attacked… and says Nancy’s name right before losing consciousness. And if it goes anything like the big mystery from Season 1 — which ended with Nancy discovering that her entire life has been a lie — things are bound to get even more personal for her.

Nancy Drew stars Kennedy McMann as the titular sleuth, Leah Lewis as Georgia “George” Fan, Maddison Jaizani as Bess Marvin, Tunji Kasim as Ned “Nick” Nickerson, Alex Saxon as Ace, Riley Smith as Ryan Hudson and Scott Wolf as Carson Drew.

Season 2 will further expand the Drew-niverse by introducing another major player: inventor Tom Swift, who is being reimagined for The CW as a Black, gay billionaire. As TVLine previously reported, Tom will first appear in an episode of Nancy Drew’s second season, with a potential spinoff already being eyed.

If Tom Swift is ordered to series, it would follow the “serialized adventures of the billionaire inventor who is thrust into a world of sci-fi conspiracy and unexplained phenomena after the shocking disappearance of his father. Tom takes to the road on a quest to unravel the truth, leaving behind the comforts of his usual moneyed lifestyle, all while fighting to stay one step ahead of an Illuminati-scale group hell-bent on stopping him. Tom’s missions will require his genius and flair for innovation guided by love, romance, friendship and the mysteries of the universe yet-unsolved.”

Hit PLAY on the Season 2 trailer below, then drop a comment with your hopes for Nancy Drew‘s return.


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