Power Book II: Ghost Recap: 2-Bitter


Good ol’ 2-Bit shows up on the Stansfield campus in this week’s Power Book II: Ghost, just in time for Parents’ Weekend. And that makes sense, in a way: Though he’s no longer with us, the sins of Tariq’s father continue to truly eff with his son’s life.

But the Tejada family is not without its share of turmoil in “Family First,” which chronicles Cane’s ouster from Monet’s inner circle — not to mention her house. Read on for the episode’s highlights.

LET IT SNOW | Brayden wants Tariq to reconsider his big NO to selling cocaine: Homecoming/Parents’ Weekend is the perfect time to make a killing with the white stuff, he argues. But Tariq is steadfast that it’s a mess they don’t want to get into with Course Correct, and Brayden stands down. But then 2-Bit shows up at the dorm with a gun and a demand: Tariq will get him a large amount of cash — in keeping with Ghost’s promise to look out for him in exchange for Dre’s jail-cell death at the end of Power — or Tariq will die.

The only problem is that Monet hasn’t gotten Tariq product lately, so he’s strapped for cash. Just then, though, Effie shows up to offer him a deal: If he can help her move the coke she’s got, she’ll cut him in for half. He agrees, they have sex, and she makes a killing selling to stressed-out kids desperate to escape their parents and get back to the studying they’re missing.

It certainly feels like Effie is catching feelings for Tariq, though. And when he blows her off because something much larger is brewing (more on that in a moment), she gets angry. Right at that moment, she runs into Brayden — who knows her from Choate, remember? He quickly learns that she and Tariq had a side hustle and that Tariq flat-out lied to him about it. Later, when Tariq comes back to their room, a livid Brayden says they’re done.

CANE GOES ROGUE | Under Cane’s orders, a GTG member gets all dressed up like an overzealous Stansfield basketball fan and enacts a plan to kill Tariq while he’s at Zeke’s big game. That’s also the place where Tariq has planned to hand off the cash to 2-Bit. Tariq quickly realizes he’s being tailed and makes it to the athletic complex’s empty pool deck before the GTG guy jumps him. ‘Riq gives it all he has, but he’s just about to go be with Ghost when 2-Bit arrives, pulls the dude off Tariq and drowns him in the pool. For the courtesy, 2-Bit demands more money.

Naturally, GTG’s Lil Guap turns responsibility for the death back to Cane. And he and a couple of other gang member drive home their point by jumping Zeke and a few of his teammates after they exit a nightclub. Dru is able to stop Lil Guap from shooting his cousin’s kneecap off, but he nearly kills Lil Guap in the process. Everett sees it all and is horrified; by the time the punching is over, he’s outta there.

When Dru runs into Cane and hears about how their dad arranged the jailhouse beatdown, he asks his brother to kill Lil Guap to end the insanity. But instead, Cane kills two of Lil Guap’s henchmen and then demands that GTGs give him half of their business. Fearing for his life, Lil Guap quickly acquiesces.

And back at home, Monet realizes that she can no longer reign in her older son. So when he shows up at the house later, Diana sadly meets him at the doorway to let him know he’s no longer welcome in the organization or the family. Elsewhere, Tariq and Monet meet up so she can tell him that she didn’t put out the hit on him, and that she understands if he has to kill Cane at some point in the future. “If he comes for you, it is what it is,” she says (STONE COLD!), but quickly clarifies that he’s a dead man if he seeks Cane out for any retribution.

JABARI, GET A GRIP! | Jabari meets again with his agent, who loves the start of a new story he’s working on. But he wants to know how it ends… and we all know that Jabari hasn’t had an original thought in his entire life. So Jabari — still thinking that Tariq and Prof. Milgram are playing “Hide the Syllabus” — starts tailing young St. Patrick. He follows him to a handoff with Dru, where Jabari hears the words “Course Correct” and eventually looks for the app in the App Store. But Jabari also does a lot of mean-mugging and angry pencil-snapping, so would anyone even believe him if his cartoonish paranoia turns out to be even partly true?

Meanwhile, Zeke really is in love with Carrie — who meets Monet in passing this week, and it goes about as well as you’d think it would — and he winds up, shaken, at her apartment after the incident outside the club.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments!

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