The Resident: COVID-19 Hits Chastain Park Hard in Season 4 Trailer — Watch

The Resident Season 4

Mirroring many a real-life scenario, Chastain Park Memorial Hospital is overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic in a new trailer for The Resident‘s upcoming fourth season.

“It’s rough in there,” Mina admits in the promo below, while her mentor (and potential love interest) AJ agrees, “We’ve been getting hit pretty hard.” And as they speak, we glimpse footage of Chastain Park’s docs decked out in full personal protective equipment as they try to care for COVID-19 patients — including, it seems, beloved ER nurse Ellen Hundley.

Elsewhere in the video, Devon has an emotional video chat with his father, who also doesn’t appear to be in the best health, while Dr. Bell tells a stunned-looking Kit that “the pandemic has forced me to re-evaluate things.” (The two haven’t been romantically entangled yet, after Kit tried to make it work with her ex-husband, but EP Todd Harthan previously told us the show’s writers “talk about it all the time. It could be such a great story if they did end up in a relationship.”)

The trailer isn’t all gloomy, though: There’s also new teasers of Conrad and Nic’s upcoming wedding, which will take place in the Jan. 12 season premiere. “Tough times come,” Nic tells Conrad during their outdoor ceremony. “And when they do, I want you by my side.”

Watch the full Season 4 teaser below, then drop a comment with your reactions!

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