Can The Resident's Kit and Bell Fight Red Rock Together? EP Hints at 'Huge Decision' That Could Divide Them

The Resident Season 3

Conrad Hawkins isn’t the only Resident doctor in Red Rock Mountain Medical’s crosshairs. When the Fox drama resumes its third season, two of his Chastain Park colleagues will be fighting their own battle with the insidious company.

During The Resident‘s fall finale, Dr. Bell was unceremoniously ousted as the hospital’s chief of surgery, with Dr. Cain swooping in to take that title. Having already been booted as Chastain’s CEO, Bell won’t have much power against Red Rock when the show returns — though he did have the forethought to draw up a new, well-protected contract for colleague and friend Kit Voss before he got demoted.

“In the back half of the season, their relationship is complicated,” executive producer Todd Harthan says of the embattled docs. “We’re going to continue to try to put obstacles in front of them — both separately and together — to see if this relationship will deepen as they continue to have each other’s backs, even though they have different constitutions and ways of doing things.”

But even as Kit and Bell support each other in the face of Red Rock’s shameful practices, Harthan also hints at a “huge decision from Bell” that could send their relationship “down a rockier path.”

“People are rooting for the two of them, and they’ve been rooting for Bell because he really has come such a long way,” the EP notes. “Some things will happen that will challenge both of them at their core, and it’s going to be a matter of if they can stick together through thick or thin, or if something’s going to divide them.”

Still, despite the short-term hurdles that Kit and Bell’s friendship will face, Harthan admits that he and the show’s writers still weigh the pros and cons of pairing them up romantically. At the end of Season 2, Kit opted to give her relationship with her ex-husband another shot, leaving Bell crestfallen — but an eventual romance hasn’t been ruled out just yet, Harthan says.

“We’re a little hesitant to cross a certain line too soon, especially if we feel like we’re leaving some drama and conflict on the table. We are guilty of slow-playing these things,” he confesses with a laugh. “But we talk about it all the time. All the time. It could be such a great story if they did end up in a relationship. But patience is invaluable when you’re hopefully doing 100-plus episodes of a series. You don’t want to jump too soon.”

The Resident returns Tuesday, Jan. 7 at 8/7c on Fox.

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