Station 19 Recap: Trial and Terror — Plus, Sullivan's Fate Decided

station 19 recap season 4 episode 3 we are family

In Thursday’s momentous Station 19, more than just Sullivan’s job was at stake when his disciplinary hearing got underway. As the recovering addict told new sponsor Richard, “If I lose my career today, I don’t think I’ll be able to stay clean.” And the deck, it appeared, was stacked against Robert, what with nemesis Dixon’s name being written out in bold letters atop the list of witnesses. Was Andy’s husband able to rise from the ashes? Read on and find out.

‘WE DON’T GET EGGS AND BACON? DON’T WE SACRIFICE ENOUGH?’ | As “We Are Family” began, while Dean balked at a safety protocol that meant no more family-style breakfasts at the firehouse, Maya subtly panicked when Carina fixed her an orgasmic serving of French toast, and Inara assured Jack that he really didn’t need to keep feeding her and Marcus. Of course, the sweetly lingering glance that he threw her way said loudly and clearly that his primary concern was neither her nor her son’s diet; Jack was as besotted with her as she was with him. Back at the station, Richard arrived not only to testify on Sullivan’s behalf but support him. And man, did Robert need it. He was gonna just take it one day at a time, his sponsor reminded him. Or in the case of this particular day, “one minute at a time.”

When Sullivan ran into Andy, she offered to leave. But he didn’t want her to do that, he just wanted her to… um… vanish, because as he put it, “If I see you, I’m gonna wanna kiss you,” and that wouldn’t be a good look for him in front of the fire commission. While staying out of sight, Andy beseeched Ben to help save her husband’s career — and while he was at it, give the newlyweds a chance to become, well, the next Warren and Bailey. But, reminding Andy that Sullivan had put the PRT at risk, all Ben would commit to was telling the truth. Next, Andy turned to Maya, asking her to rally the troops on Sullivan’s behalf. Again, a big no. “I can’t,” said Maya. “He asked me not to.” Nearby, Travis bumped into Emmett. Wait, was the probie back? “God, no,” he said. He was at Station 19 to testify. He was working at the hospital now in contact-tracing. (Hey, he and Levi would be kinda cute together — and anyone would be a better boyfriend for Schmitt than Nico!)

station 19 recap season 4 episode 3 we are family‘HERE GOES ANOTHER EPISODE OF THE MICHAEL DIXON SHOW | When Emmett testified, he tried not to do Sullivan any harm. But one fire-commission official in particular had a well-practiced air of d-bag about him and made it seem as if Robert had manipulated the probie. When it was Richard’s turn, needless to say, he didn’t go in for any of that BS. He stood up for Sullivan with a strength and righteousness that would’ve been impossible to ignore. Well, if you weren’t that d-baggy official, anyway. Then — heaven help us — called to the stand was Dixon, who revealed that he was the new Deputy Chief of Operations with the Seattle PD. (Cue horrified reactions from an eavesdropping Ben and Emmett.) The rat bastard did as much damage to Sullivan’s case as he possibly could, implying that Robert’s addiction had played a role in Pruitt’s death and pondering aloud whether the battalion chief had blackmailed Emmett over the fact that he was (big, homophobic pause) “a homosexual.”

After Dixon was done, he was confronted by Ben. Pointlessly, I probably don’t need to tell you. Dixon regretted nothing except his new job, which he called “practically a demotion.” Following a glance at Pruitt’s framed photo on the wall, Ben took the stand, so to speak, and after admitting that it had been Sullivan who’d encouraged him to sign off on the false PRT inventory, argued that the PRT wasn’t the problem, and Robert wasn’t the problem, the problem was the system that failed him. Yeah, yeah, the commission all but replied. The PRT was as good as toast. Meanwhile, Travis, Vic, Dean and Jack responded to a call about what turned out to be an electrical fire in the apartment building that was home to some of Montgomery’s favorite drag queens. (Here’s the Who’s Who.) “We just have to check your unit,” said Jack. Ha. When the first-responders discovered smoke behind a closed door, they advised the queens to please exit the building. But “leave the chicken.” And for the love of Coco Peru, “please don’t run in the heels.”

station-19-shangela-cast-rupauls-drag-race-photos‘THESE ARE ACTUAL FIREFIGHTERS; I SAW THE TRUCK’ | While looking for the source of the fire with Vic, Travis had a revelation about Emmett. “Oh my God, I was sleeping with my dad,” another closeted gay guy, Montgomery exclaimed in horror. “Emmett was my dad.” En route to the scene, Maya confessed to Andy that she’d nearly broke out in hives over Carina’s breakfast, her presence, her wonderfulness. “I’m allergic to monogamy, and I moved in with my girlfriend during a pandemic,” she summed up. And what she wanted more than anything was to be able to call her equally messed-up best friend to talk about it. Conversation to be continued… At the queens’ building, Jack tired of Dean’s teasing about his “rescue family.” That isn’t what Inara and Marcus are, Gibson insisted. “I care about them.” After Ruby Red Slippers twisted her ankle — ironically, trying to run without heels on — Izzy Packing, a volunteer firefighter, carried her down the stairs. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Gaylor went back to retrieve Izzy’s favorite wig and accidentally opened the door to a fireball. (I believe they called it a smoke explosion?)

Dean was so badly injured that he sent Jack down with Elizabeth. And while I don’t think any of us really thought the show was gonna kill off Miller, it still felt scary as hell until Vic and Travis rode to the rescue. While Jack was tending to Dean’s dislocated knee in the aid car, Miller said he understood about his pal’s new family: Marsha was like a surrogate mother; Marcus, a substitute for his foster sister; and Inara… well, Jack was just in love with her. This wasn’t a bad thing. Dean was happy for Jack. At the same time, Izzy observed while riding to the hospital with Elizabeth and Travis that Montgomery didn’t have any gay friends. That was OK, he said. Station 19 was his tribe. “Every queen needs a queendom,” Izzy responded. So as the episode drew to a close, Travis apologized for hurting Emmett and explained that when his husband had died, their circle of friends had… spread out. Emmett didn’t have any gay friends, either. “But I’ve only been out for like 10 minutes,” he noted. Anyway, they were going to start over… as friends. Before we got there, though, Maya received a call about the hearing. Her expression told Andy it was going about as well as a fire at a match factory.

station 19 recap season 4 episode 3 we are family‘WELCOME TO 19, PROBIE’ | As the episode neared its conclusion, Sullivan bumped into Ben in the bathroom and apologized for getting the PRT shut down. “You didn’t intend to take anything from me,” Warren pointed out. “That matters.” Besides, at the end of the day, “we’re 19. We fight the fight together.” Back in the hearing, Sullivan was given three minutes to plead his case. But there was no point. By that time, the officials were all scrolling through their Facebook feeds and such. It would take something big to turn the tide. And just then, in walked something big: Station 19’s firefighters, ready, willing and eager to speak on Robert’s behalf. (I shouldn’t be such a sucker for moments like that, but… chills.) In short order, they fought for their battalion chief the way he’d always fought for them. “He’s one of us,” they said, “one of the good ones.” It would be a mistake to cast him out. “Losing a damn good firefighter,” as Ben put it, “is not justice.”

While the commission deliberated, Andy burst into Maya’s office to admit that she’d never forgiven her, not for the job, not for Jack, not for a lot of stuff that wasn’t entirely her fault. She’d pulled a Pruitt, point of fact. And she was sorry. And she understood why Maya had been freaked out by French toast: She’d never felt safe at the breakfast table with her controlling father. The besties were back! So much so that Maya invited Andy to stop sleeping at the station and move in with her and Carina… which seemed like the kinda thing she mighta wanted to discuss with Carina first. Anyway, finally, the firefighters gathered around Sullivan to hear the verdict. “I’m still a firefighter, but… I’m no longer your battalion chief,” he reported. Was he the captain again? No, he had no title now. “They knocked me back to grunt,” he explained. And “since no other station would have me, I guess it’s your call, Captain.” Needless to say, Maya was happy to have Robert back on their team. Which was going to be tricky, what with him and Andy only being one month into their 90-day separation.

So, what did you think of “We Are Family”? Could Dixon get any scuzzier? Shouldn’t Maya have mentioned inviting Andy to move in to Carina? While you’re still fired up, hit the comments.

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